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Found 6 results

  1. Hello, After playing the game for 4 hours: The game is bad but not that bad and can be great! The graphics are bad compared to big titles like BF I understand that this game is realistic so I won't say anything about the player movement, The weapons are great the recoil and everything, it feels real Big issues that can improve the game a lot: 1- The sound: the sound in the game is the most bad thing, you can hear enemies but you don't know where they are, the music is too low (even when you reduce the volume it is still bad), you can't hear your steps, the tank you hear it but you don't know where it is sometimes it's just next to you but you can't hear it 2- Point of interests: when I respawn I feel like I'm lost, I don't know which point I should go to, you don't know which point is the closest (till you point the weapon so you can see the distance underneath it with super small number). It would be much better if we can know which point is close you can make the closest point bigger... 3- Play with friends: it's so hard to invite a friend or join a friend even when you create a party please make it easier, because it takes about 20 minutes to be able to join a friend after he invited you and there is nothing saying you're joining your friend (like a small text or icon) 4- Respawn: we should be able to respawn on teammates not only on the leader, and we should be able to respawn on a point while is being taken because if a point is being taken it's like it's already taken! you can't respawn on it 5- Enemies are friends: add some visual effects or colors because it's hard to know if you saw an enemy or a friend they are almost identical 6- Custom weapon: in the game when you die you aren't able to change the weapon and you can't add different profiles, we should be able to change weapon in the game 7- Spotting: it takes time to spot enemies even big tanks 8- Disconnected after a game: each time a game end I get disconnected 9- Add autobalance in servers: when a team is loosing they start to leave and the teams became unbalanced 10- Crouch and Standing: Add an icon on the corner of the screen because most of the time we don't notice we still in crouch position! That's all what I can remember and for me they are very important, if you can improve these things believe me the game will go to another level!
  2. A couple TDM improvements, other things what I have and only should be in TDM (like Minimap and Shot spotting) -TDM Minimap and Shot spotting were awesome because of orientation, that mates doesn't shoot you and some campers at the moment. They sit in dark corners or covered places where you can't see them really good. With the shot spotting on the minimap you can see were they are -At the moment we can't shoot through this fences at the most scaffoldings, where most campers sit, too and you can just hit them from open sites. -ADS Field of View (ADS FOV) that we can choose if we want the same FOV in ADS or not. I want my ADS FOV the same like my hipfire FOV or near to it - An Gameplay option what I asked 1 month ago and isn't still in the game -Soldier Crosshair (in Hipfire), why vehicles have it, but we Soldiers not? -That we can pick up Weapons or Ammo from enemies or team mates, too. - A complete TDM match should go which team what reached 100 Kills first. Like Day Warsaw first to 100 Kills finish and end. Then a new match on Night Warsaw to 100 Kills finish and end, not 4x50 Kills that ruins the gameflow I find. Or that we can choose on the war map if we wanna play the Day or Night Warsaw map. -Finally a Server Browser with filters etc. Matchmaking is awful in shootern. Then it weren't so problems to find a full server or a game mode what someone want to play and join in an empty server or wrong game mode like TDM if they wanted to play Warzone. Thanks for reading and I hope that at least the ADS Field of View find the way in this game soon.
  3. Ok i´m a bit late but had a lot to do in the meantime ? So i recorded the PTE to better report -> made post links to the 3 Matches/Vids (private links) They are from 0.1.1 so Thursday (German Timestamp) GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3288304 SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): RX580 -18.10.1, i7-6700k, 16 GB RAM, Win10 17134.345 Ok so here my list (if you prefer one Thread per Bug just let me know ) Customization Vehicle variant could not be loaded (or i dont understand it) -> Vid - Vid2 Customization Weapon - G29 clip wit 25rounds is invisible, also in game -> Vid - Vid2 - Vid3 Spotting hardly works on enemy vehicles -> Vid - Vid2 Vehicle Camera (should be fixed in 0.1.2, not tested yet) -> Vid - Vid2 - Vid3 - Vid4 Missing balustrade graphics, loaded later - second spawn same problem -> Vid - Vid2 Main Menu stuck in Winning Screen -> Vid Tank missing HP bar when near 0 HP -> Vid Also had a lot of problems to focus flags for squad orders if i was not close enough to the flag - Vid No Squad orders from Tank (also Squadmate steals my seat, i´m kinda upset^^) -> Vid Parking a Tank on top of dumpster? ... cant move Tank because no tracks on ground not really a bug but maybe not intended -> Vid Graphical glitched Soliders (jumping around) only killable with explosives -> Vid Hop it helps
  4. Hello developers of WW3 and fellow players. As we all know the "Mark" key by default is the X key. In my own experience it is used very often to give attack and defend orders on flag positions by group leaders and it is also used to mark enemy targets. In my opinion this is bad in some ways if you want to mark targets around specific areas without accidently call out a new attack/defend order (e.g. using a drone for reconnaissance while defending a position). My suggestion is to put the attack/defend order on a seperate key or use the the "F" key for these kinds of context sensitive orders. While in vehicles you have to hold the "F" key to get out so you don't accidently jump out of a vehicle. Also I suggest to use the map for calling out attack/defend orders (e.g. open map with "M", hold "Left Alt" for using a cursor on the map, "Left Mouse Button" for attack/defend order on a flag position). What do you guys think about it? Maybe you are in a different opinion?
  5. Please put options in, where we can play with Minimap all the time and no Friendly Fire. For spotting I wish that enemy shots are shown on the Minimap, maybe if we or a mate aim on an enemy, too. The normal spotting we can do with the position mark/ping (no 3D spotting) I like 3D spotting but I think most players find the mark/ping spotting the better thing and I haven't a problem with it, too. A Minimap is for me orientation, where I am, what's going on and where I see the ways, Mates/Enemies and Objectives etc. No Friendly Fire available, I don't like trolls or mates who shooting or drive with the tank over you. Another thing is if team mates run in your sight if you shoot and you get negative points etc. for that. A Server Browser like other players said, where one of the best things, too. I'm looking forward to it and the evolution of the game. Thanks for reading and I hope the ideas find the way in the game. Best regards guys
  6. 1. When you resupply you only get ammo back from the one your holding, id like your primary and secondary to get ammo. 2. Allow us see the ulility item the soldier has equiped next to thier name in a squad. Example below. [ATTK] ? Amaterasu [DEF] ? The Farm 51 [ATTK] ? That One Noob 3. Implement a soldier icon next to our soldier. Let us see if we are standing, crouching and proning. Reference Pubg, Rings Of Elysium. 4. Having all of our soldiers see health besides the medic does nothing for us. Let players that pick the ammo box and equipment kit see bullets and a armor/helmet icon instead. 5. Make it so we can tell players we want to heal them, repair thier tank vitals, resupply thier ammo, replace thier C4 Car not just request it. 6. Let our soldier call out the position of the enemy after spotting them like battlefield so we know some1s nearby, as far i know we dont have it. or take it abit further like Arma. soldier spotted north 50 as an example. i recommended this bc the compass isnt useful unless ur in a squad with friends in discord/skype or whatever. 7. Make Anti-Tank Mines Larger. Atm they are way to small for the tank driver and gunner to spot. be great to increase its overall size and width. u may reference battlefield 4, they are quite big and bulky. still hard to spot, but if ur paying attention u can spot it. 8. Running Animations With Guns. You guys put in the effort to animate it, but its not within our vision its towards our feet. love if u raised it up and change the animation when walking, sprinting and crouch sprinting. 9. Maybe its a design choice. but let the players scale the Attack, defend, assist, kill bonus on the screen its abit hard to see and players get a sense of pleasure seeing the points they earned after performing offensive, defensive and supportive actions.
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