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  1. Hey guys. I've been playing WW3 for a while now. I bought my brother the game and I also gave away a copy on my twitch stream. Anywayyyyy, if you want toooo, check out my discord because I made a specific channel for us to chat in while we play. It's even set up so if we all get split up on different teams we can still talk to our teammates without the other guys cheating by listening in. I mean, I guess you could technically listen in but we could all see you and shame you. It's not a big server as on now. Just like myself and a few other people. But it would be nice to meet other people who like the game and play together. Just jump in the public-general and say whats up or something first, then I'll give you voice chat permissions. https://discord.gg/HCf5q7P
  2. I have previously said and heard from other players that a transport vehicle with just a little bit more oomph is needed, and as a proud Australian I am suggesting that the devs add the Land Rover Perentie 6*6 in SAS configuration into the game. The Perentie (in the Australian SAS configuration) comes in both 4*4 and 6*6 variants, although I would argue that the 6*6 would be a better suit. It fits one driver in the right hand seat, a gunner in the left hand seat that may crew a mounted LMG, and a rear compartment in the back that can carry another three squad members, with one able to man a pintle mounted heavy weapon, such as a heavy machine gun or grenade launcher. My suggestion is that the Perentie comes at a base cost of about 800 BP, having space for 5 players to fit in it and no mounted weapons. Because the Perentie has no proper armour plating on it, mounted weapons should be cheaper than their RCWS counterparts. Adding a light machine gun in the passenger seat should be enough to push it up to 900 BP (100BP upgrade). Maybe in the future these weapons will be able to be customised, but for now that is probably too difficult to do. Adding a heavy machine gun could be 200-300 BP, with a grenade launcher 300-500. Players should also be able to add either a health pack or ammo pack. Because it can fit a full squad of five in what would be a relatively cheap vehicle, the Perentie opens up the option for more mobile play for a squad (I think it can reach up to 80 km/h) without having the slow and potentially vulnerable larger vehicles. However, it still remains open to attack as it is quite light armoured and takes some time to accelerate, so it is no get out of jail free card.
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG :Me and my friend were playing together in a squad when we realized that whenever the squadleader was standing with his back against a wall (close) people are not able to spawn at his location. They instead spawn at a random objective. I also realised that whenever the wall mentioned above was thin enough (house wall for example) people will spawn on the other side of the wall. GAME BUILD ID: 3829460 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Stand with your back against the wall and then let your squadmember/leader spawn on you. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : Windows 10 Pro 64-Bit , Intel Core I7-8700k CPU @ 3.70GHz, 16GB Ram, NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080;
  4. First of all I want to point out that i am very happy with the 0.6. update which brought so many old and new players back into the game. Hence i really want to help make this game great. There are big issues with spawning in this game. Especially when you want to deploy on a Squadleader/Member. Instant kills are premanently present. A solution to this would be to disallow people to deploy on a Leader/Member whenever they are supressed or in combat. This system is very similar to Battlefield 4's mechanic where you are not able to deploy on a Squadleader/Member in Combat. I think this would improve the gameplay by a lot! Thank you for your attention. Have a nice day?
  5. Hey Folks. So I did some searching to see if this topic has been brought up or not and I didn't find anything on it. So, I'm going to assume I'm either using the wrong words (the most likely case), People just haven't brought it up yet, or maybe the Devs have talked about it before and nobody has brought it up because of it, thus I'm just out of the loop (which is the most likely case.) In the off chance that it's the least likely case however, I wanted to bring up this suggestion for a small vote feature for the Squads during gameplay. #1 - Role Removal Vote Now I'm sure People are going to ask; isn't this already in the game? Yes and no. Yes in the sense that if you hit X on an objective point when you're not the squad leader, it gives the current Squad Leader some time to mark an objective before they're automatically removed from the role. But no in a sense because the Squad Leader can just mark any objective on the map to maintain the role, even if what they're marking is merely just to maintain the position for whatever reason. What I would like to see is a simple Vote System where a person can trigger the vote of "Role Removal" and if a majority of the squad says Yes to the vote, the person who called for the vote is made the new Squad Leader. Doing this would not remove the person from the Squad itself, just remove them as the Squad Leader, thus putting the powers (all be it minor powers in the grand scheme of things) in the hands of someone who is actively looking to lead the squad they're in, rather than leaving the powers in the hands of someone the group largely deems an ineffective Squad Leader. Now I know, People are probably going to say; Well, People can just leave the squad and go start a new squad if they don't like the person leading it. Which brings us to my final vote suggestion... #2 - Squad Removal Vote Now lets say for whatever reason there is a person in the squad that everyone in that squad wants to remove. I think they should be able to do it by simply calling for a "Squad Removal" vote, which just like the Role Removal vote, requires a majority vote from the Squad itself. If the target of the removal is indeed removed, they're banned from rejoining that squad during the game unless invited to rejoin by the Squad's current Leader, and a small announcement goes out across the team that "Squad X" (X being whatever the squad is) has an opening for a new person to join. With the the vote system out of the way, there are three smaller features I would like to see added (though the last two I wouldn't feel any sort of heartbreak if they were not added to the game.) Squad Invite - Able to invite anyone currently in the game to your Squad (plays off the Role Removal Vote) Squad Lock - Able to lock the squad to ensure nobody else can get into it unless they're invited by the Squad Leader. Assistant Leader - If the current Squad Leader leaves the game, has a CTD, or whatever. The Assistant Leader is automatically promoted to Squad Leader by choice of the former Squad Leader. -- And with all that out of the way, that ends my suggestion post for Squads in WW3. I left a vote poll open for this if People rather just leave a vote instead of a reply (except it would be handy to have a reply to go with the "Yes Except..." and "No Except...." options.) Have a good one folks!
  6. Hardcore Casual Gaming Hardcore Casual Gaming has been around in many games under different names. It wasn’t until we realized that we wanted a Gaming Community in order to play different games with the same group of friends. The name Hardcore Casual Gaming comes from “Hardcore” as in we do try when we feel like it and can game with the best of them, “Casual” is our playstyle and attitude while we are in or out of games. We are a laid-back community of gamers that enjoy having a consistent group of friends to play games with. Mostly NA players, all regions welcome. Social, helpful, team tactics, fun, etc. https://discord.gg/PkhmFCA
  7. Still learning the game. Play pretty regularly. I just want to find some ppl to squad up with and play the game. Always like teamwork. I am into helping with whatever it may be. I.E Cover Fire, Sniper, Frontal Assault, Flanking, Demolitions, ETC. That kinda thing. Really like the teamwork aspect of the game and think it can be a hell of a lot more fun than solo queing. If interested, reply here or add me. IGN: hunglikeaflea (haha)
  8. Hello, After playing the game for 4 hours: The game is bad but not that bad and can be great! The graphics are bad compared to big titles like BF I understand that this game is realistic so I won't say anything about the player movement, The weapons are great the recoil and everything, it feels real Big issues that can improve the game a lot: 1- The sound: the sound in the game is the most bad thing, you can hear enemies but you don't know where they are, the music is too low (even when you reduce the volume it is still bad), you can't hear your steps, the tank you hear it but you don't know where it is sometimes it's just next to you but you can't hear it 2- Point of interests: when I respawn I feel like I'm lost, I don't know which point I should go to, you don't know which point is the closest (till you point the weapon so you can see the distance underneath it with super small number). It would be much better if we can know which point is close you can make the closest point bigger... 3- Play with friends: it's so hard to invite a friend or join a friend even when you create a party please make it easier, because it takes about 20 minutes to be able to join a friend after he invited you and there is nothing saying you're joining your friend (like a small text or icon) 4- Respawn: we should be able to respawn on teammates not only on the leader, and we should be able to respawn on a point while is being taken because if a point is being taken it's like it's already taken! you can't respawn on it 5- Enemies are friends: add some visual effects or colors because it's hard to know if you saw an enemy or a friend they are almost identical 6- Custom weapon: in the game when you die you aren't able to change the weapon and you can't add different profiles, we should be able to change weapon in the game 7- Spotting: it takes time to spot enemies even big tanks 8- Disconnected after a game: each time a game end I get disconnected 9- Add autobalance in servers: when a team is loosing they start to leave and the teams became unbalanced 10- Crouch and Standing: Add an icon on the corner of the screen because most of the time we don't notice we still in crouch position! That's all what I can remember and for me they are very important, if you can improve these things believe me the game will go to another level!
  9. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): When i want to join somebody's squad i don't see invites in game. I see invites in steam, but when i click accept nothing happens. Some people can join my squad, but when i find match i'm with other players without people from my squad. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3250942 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required):------- SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): Windows 10 Pro CRASH LOG (if any): ------
  10. Приветствуем, боец! Идеология: Создать высокодисциплинированный клан с игроками, поддерживающими военный (тактический) стиль игры в World War 3, а так же желающими играть в окружении себе подобных! Обязательно: Возраст: 19+ Общение только через наш дискорд: https://discord.gg/bGTp4MС Некоторые бои записываются для YouTube Так же проводятся стримы!)
  11. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): While i´m driving a tank or anything else i cant give squad orders - Attack Defend GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3250942 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Just enter a vehicle and be Squad Leader SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): RX580 -18.10.1, i7-6700k, 16 GB RAM, Win10 17134.345 CRASH LOG (if any): -
  12. Hey I have a discord for NA players looking for more players to fill our ranks. We have had consistently at least 3+ full squads(15 players) last couple nights with more people joining discord there has been even more activity . 120+ registered users on discord and increasing. Joining [RHI] is NOT mandatory and we are looking for team working fun people. Pm me on discord or add me our discord is https://discord.gg/EebueTN
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