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  1. Hi after almost 100hr of game play i think we just need more gore or as you devs call it " gratuitous violence and dismemberment " add bleeding and even use injury system like when your are shot in leg you can't sprint or in arm your gun recoil gets worse, something like "SWAT 4" what if a grenade exploded next to you and you lost an arm you bleed and if you weapons weight is high you can't lift it you should use your secondary weapon, if you get hit by artillery or tank your body will be exploded to pieces or you lose your legs and die make it more gory and yes i know your PEGI will be changed but please think about it wouldn't it make the game better???
  2. Feedback:- On Warzone Moscow you can shoot through the top/some sides of the building on C1- You still can't shoot with Heli trough windows on C1 on Smolensk- When you use an airstrike like Hellfire and you get killed while controlling bomb, it dissappears. That is very frustrating if you are literally 10 Meters above a tank, you can not miss it, but you get killed and the 6000 points Mephisto vanishes into nothing- When laying down using scope, it flashes sometimes (happened to me on smolensk using PKP)- When you are flying heli drone and you leave it for a sec, to use uav or something, when you turn your soldier, the drone in the air still turns with you. destroyed some in the repair spot like this.- With the thermal and goblin optics for vehicles it is very hard to see the blue or green symbols for teammembers, making it very easy to accidently kill a teammemberSuggstions:- With your animation overhaul, could you add one for bipods too, like for example in battlefield? I wish I could use it looking through a window or use it generally everywhere where it seems reasonable, like crouching behind a hip-high cover or standing on a big enough stone or trash can or whatever, you get the idea.- I feel like some prices are way to high, like for outfit customization or changing bodyparts for guns. I mean 10000 for another handguard, stock or grip? Thats it for now, i know that i had some more things yesterday while playing, but i dont remember all. But I will keep this List updated and add things I encounter in the future.Devs keep up the good work, got it since day one and really love the improvements.Gonna go to the Warzone now
  3. heli is too op now in ASIA nothing can anti it especially in a player called Karabine007 every time he gets 4000bp call a heli and get 10more KDA every game
  4. Most of the following suggestions are just ideas. Feel free to discuss them below. 1. Temporarily saving match results kinda like heroes and generals so you can check them during that session but it gets wiped once you exit the game. 2. Not a direct feature suggestion but fixing the statistics would be neat. ;some values are 0 & some make no sense like my Score Per Minute = 39035.69921875 3. Remove the side bags of the Spartan vest with jacket. its just clipping into the arms 4. When editing a loadout name, let us confirm it by hitting enter too. 5. Would be neat to be able to change the customization background so you can see how the camouflage would blend in OR -> let us change the camo ingame so you can adapt while playing 6. add a searchbar in the customization. for example; searching specific flags or emblems can be a nightmare at the moment and being able to quickfind guns would be awesome too. ->maybe add an autofill & more keywords like continents for the flags and guntypes like assault rifle for guns ? 7. The keybinding option menu isnt wide enough. 8. I think it might be better to change the role (attacker/defender) of a player to be in line with the current squad objective. It might also be good to make it more clear that a player can get the squad lead role when the current squad leader is not giving orders. 8.2 / 9. Objective log : It should show how many battle points a player would get for completing it, and, it should be more visible; often when I request ammo or heals, the player doesn't notice it and just keeps running. 9.2 Add / improve visual feedback for people´s need; symbols when they're running out of ammo, having broken armor or missing equipment. For example, when they're in a radius of about 5-10 meters show the symbol and when you're not looking at them display it at the corners of the screen, kinda like a compass. 10. Add audio feedback & improve visual feedback for squad invites 11. when in supply mode on the war map, make it go back out when clicking on the map
  5. Hello! Let me say that I have very high hopes for WW3 and I am have enjoyed my time playing it. I have played it for about 100 hours and wanted to share some things I would like to see in the game, maybe dreaming a little big but hopefully, some of these get added in! ? CUSTOMIZATION 1. Allow scope to be placed in different spots like further up the top rail 2. Allow for dual scopes, like a HOLO and an ACOG as it is shown on some of the pictures 3. The ability to change the reticule on sight (Color, Design etc.) 4. Add/Remove Camo's from certain parts of Weapons in sections 5. Different face models. 6. More Rail Options / Custom Rail Covers WEAPONS 1. Vector 2. MP5 3. AR-57 4. Scorpion EVO 5. P90 6. M27 7. Mk 14 EBR (M39) 8. Remington MSR 9. M110 (SR25) 10. HK417 11. Barret M52 12. SA80 & L85 Family 13. L129A1 14. M249 Family 15. AT4 16. Javalin 17. MBT LAW 18. Mk 18 19. M16 Family 20. M24 21. MP5 22. M240 23. M60 24. PDW Family 25. Ak-47(M) 26. Ak-74(M) 27. SV-98 28. VKS 29. ADS 30. ASh-12.7 31. RPK-74 32, RPK-16 33. G3 34. Panzerfaust 3 35, FAMAS 36. Beretta AR70/90 37. Beretta ARX160 VEHICLES 1. Bradley 2. Stryker Family 3. LAV-25 Family 4. Humvee Family 5. Husky Family 6. Challenger 7. BMP 1-2-3 8. PT-76 9. BMD-3 10. T-80 11. T-14
  6. Hi, I'd like to propose a different grinding system because the one we have is not rewarding enough, in the current one you only have to play matches, get money then spend it and that is boring because at some point you are going to buy all weapons and attachments and then there is nothing to do after that. so I suggest the following things to add : 1-Quests and achievements like for example do 100 headshots to unlock an attachment, do 10 kills or 20 kills in one life and unlock special attachment, do 500 kills to unlock a skin, do 200 long shots (headshots from 30+ meters ) ...etc 2- adding another type of currency that is harder to get and can be only gained by completing daily quests and using it to unlock special skins, weapons and weapon attachments. I have many achievements and quests in my mind but I can't write them all, if anyone like the idea of challenging quests and achievements like this feel free to reply with your own and let me hear your own suggestions about the idea in general.
  7. With the SCAR the category Battle Rifle is introduced. Would you consider adding Scout Rifles as another option between Battle rifles (BR) and Sniper Rifles (SR)? Slower firing than the SCAR but faster than the Sniper Rifles and a medium effective range so you can drop enemies with few shots (1 headshot (maybe 1 headshot + 1 bodyshot) at medium range) but can and have to move a lot more than with a sniper rifle to stay at this optimal medium range. Stats: ~200 RPM (bolt action but (automatically) rechambering while ADS) ~Damage falloff profile similar to AR but with DMG close to a sniper rifle. ~4-10 rounds magazine ~2.5 sec reload ~14 kg weight ~low spread, medium-high recoil
  8. A thread for vehicles to be added into the game, suggestions. 1. Patria Pasi (XA-180 Series) An APC vehicle that has seen combat for over 20 years. 2. Patria AMV. A newer model from Patria 3. MRAP (Or vehicles of similar caliber)
  9. The other thread is getting long so here's a comprehensive list of weapons that people have suggested so far, plus some of my own additions, organized by weapon type and with appropriate hyperlinks. Countries denote country of manufacturing origin, not current usage. [Disclaimer: None of these are guaranteed to make it into the game! This is merely a list of modern firearms that are not in the game currently. Basically just an ideas trove for the devs. Ultimately, we should not expect the devs to model and add literally every single gun and its variants; there's also little to gain from the game having 10 versions of the M1911 or 'generic pump action shotgun'. That being said, there are a lot of cool guns out there and I hope to shoot a lot of these in WW3.] Assault/Battle Rifles: M4A1 + AR15 variants and parts, LVOA series, SAI GRY, Carbon 15 etc (USA) SR47 (USA) AS Val (Russia) SCAR L/H (Belgium) FAMAS (France) FN F2000 (Belgium) FN FNC (Belgium) Galil ACE (Israel) HK417 (Germany) K2 (South Korea) AN94 (Russia) G3A3 (Germany) MTAR21/TAR21/X95 (Israel) CZ Bren (Czech Republic) L85 (UK) ARX-160 (Italy) Remington R5 (USA) SA58/FAL (Belgium) OTs-14 Groza (Russia) SG550-556 (Switzerland) QBZ-95 (China) Sako M95 (Finland) XM8 (USA) Gilboa Snake (Israel) VHS-2 (Croatia) AK5C (Sweden) Steyr AUG (Austria) Howa Type 89 (Japan) AMD-65 (Hungary) Honey Badger (USA) HK433 (Germany) Magpul ACR (USA) Kel-tec RFB (USA) A-545 (Russia) Sniper Rifles/DMRs: AS50 (UK) VSS (Russia) RSASS (USA) SKS (Russia) Remington MSR/M2010 ESR (USA) Blaser R93 Tactical (Germany) L96/115/AWM/AWP (UK) ASW338LM (USA) Barrett M82 (USA) Barrett M99 (USA) Barrett M98 Bravo (USA) AX50 (UK) DSR-1/50 (Germany) FN Ballista (Belgium) PSG-1 (Germany) SR99 (Israel) SV98 (Russia) Dragunov SVDM (Russia) Dragunov SVU (Russia) SR25/M110 (USA) M40A5 (USA) FRF2 (France) PGM Mini-Hecate (France) TPG-1 (Germany) M14 EBR (USA) WA2000 (Germany) DVL-10 (Russia) ZVI Falcon (Czech Republic) Cheytac M200 (USA) VKS (Russia) GOL Sniper Magnum (Germany) AMR2 (China) JNG90 (Turkey) MSG90 (Germany) DTA SRS (USA) McMillan CS5 (USA) Steyr Elite (Austria) Steyr SSG08 (Austria) OSV-96 (Russia) Lynx GM6 (Hungary) Beretta Corvus (Italy) Carbines/SMGs/Machine Pistols: AR57 (USA) PP-19 Bizon (Russia) P90 (Belgium) MP5 (Germany) Glock 18 (Austria) Beretta M93R (Italy) K1A (South Korea) AKS74U (Russia) Cx4 Storm (Italy) QCW-05 (China) CZ75 Auto (Czech Republic) Calico M960 (USA) VB Berapi LP02 (Malaysia) Vz61 Skorpion (Czech Republic) CZ Scorpion EVO (Czech Republic) MP7 (Germany) UMP45 (Germany) Uzi (Israel) Mac10/11 (USA) PP2000 (Russia) FMG9 (USA) Spectre M4 (Italy) SR3M Veresk (Russia) MP9/TMP (Austria) Kriss Vector (USA) K7 (South Korea) UDP9 (USA) CBJ-MS (Sweden) Minebea M9 (Japan) Magpul PDR (USA) AUG Para (Austria) LMGs: LSAT (USA) M240 (Belgium) M249 SAW (Belgium) Negev (Israel) Ultimax100 (Singapore) Ares Shrike (USA) RPD (Russia) M60E4 (USA) Kord (Russia) Stoner 63 (USA) HK23 (Germany) Shotguns: SRM 1216 (USA) MTs255 (Russia) Striker (South Africa) M1014 (Italy) FN TP (Belgium) SPAS 12 (Italy) SPAS 15 (Italy) Fostech Origin-12 (USA) AA12 (USA) Kel-Tec KSG (USA) MAG7 (South Africa) Crye SIX12 (USA) STF12 (Italy) M26 MASS (USA) UTS-15 (Turkey) USAS-12 (South Korea) Pistols: Makarov PM (Russia) Maxim 9 (USA) AMP Automag (USA) Five-seveN (Belgium) Kriss KARD (USA) P320 (USA) MP412 REX (Russia) Chiappa Rhino (Italy) Colt Anaconda (USA) M1911 (USA) USP (Germany) Desert Eagle (ISrael) M92 Beretta (Italy) Walther P30L/P99 (Germany) MP443 Grach (Russia) Explosive Weapons: Panzerfaust-3 (Germany) AT-4 (Sweden) SMAW (USA) XM25 (USA) M72 LAW (USA) M203 (USA) M320 (Germany) EGLM (Germany) GP-30M (Russia) SA18 Grouse (Russia) Stinger (USA) Javelin (USA) Milkor MGL (South Africa) RPG-32 (Russia) HK69 (Germany) M93 Hornet Mine (USA) BONUS: Attachments: Trijicon RMR sight Trijicon ACOG sights Magpul MOE stock Magpul Angled Foregrip G36 default optic/carrying handle Various PDW Stocks Beta-C drum magazine Taped magazines Magazine clamps Osprey pistol suppressor Shotgun suppressors
  10. This is a list of suggestions I have previously made for the Discord. I am digging them up, because the Discord is frankly getting filled. I will introduce ideas with dashes, separating them. I will respond to this list in addition, just to keep from making new lists, I just have a lot of ideas for the game. - EQUIPMENT: IR and non-IR country/unit patches, glow sticks and flashlights(IR) for when the NVG's get into the game. This will allow players to recognize their own members in dark environments, making teamwork in them much easier. - HALO jump(Not Halo) opening to a battle from one side. (Aerial Insertion) Simple cool factor to start a game on a certain map(s). - MAP: Battle for Åland Islands (As a pretty centric location in Europe, it could also be used as an introduction to Northern European maps) - MAP: Oil rig and/or a large ship map(s), for those who enjoy tight spaced maps - GAME MECHANIC: A possible CQB mechanic to "attach" yourself to another player, so you can push them forward. Commonly used in tight spaces for fast and simultaneous movements, usually in going through doors and when two or three players come to a corner, the front also acts as a shield for the next. One player holds/leans onto another one tightly, and pushes and pulls the one in the front. Either player can crouch easily, and the ones behind can shoot from above the other one's head or from the side. Example of an entrance using this mechanic (Numbers are in wrong order): - EQUIPMENT/GAME MECHANIC: Extendable ladders to go through windows, over walls and entrances in the roof. - EQUIPMENT: Active ear protection you can take on and off. - GAME MECHANIC: Marks you can draw on the map with mouse, using a choice of colors - UNIT: A "commander" that can talk to each of the squad leaders through radio and sees the place on a map, can give out orders to attack/defend positions. This would help organized gameplay. - UNIT: 10-player squads instead of 5 that the game currently has, this would help the previously mentioned CQB-mechanic. - EQUIPMENT/GAME MECHANIC: Rappelling rope, that can be used to go down from a roof/window to the ground or another window. (Possibly only from certain windows and rooftops) Or could be used to call reinforcements with a point-streak helicopter. Pistol/Submachine gun would be required for this mechanic. Sorry for the long post, but I did enjoy making these suggestions and I would hope they could get implemented to game. Comments are welcome of course!
  11. Yesterday was the first time in three weeks I finally got some time to sit down and play for a few hours and I was impressed! It has changed for the better in leaps and bounds since launch day. There are still some issues with patches and flags not staying on your uniform which is annoying, but gameplay and connection has improved. I had so much fun but I did walk away with a couple of gripes/suggestions. 1) It is really frustrating to be put into a game that is about to finish and then, instead of being moved into a new server/match automatically, you are kicked out to the main screen and have to look for another game...which may or may not be half-way done already. I played for three hours but was only able to play one or two matches from start to finish. I'm sure I am not alone in wanting this to be fixed. 2) I will admit I was being a TOR whore in one of my matches, but it gave me some fresh perspective. I love that it is realistic in that it is a .50 Cal and can 1-shot kill, that it what happens in real life. But it still takes skill to use. You still need to lead your target if he is running, you still need to compensate for drop at distance...if you are one of the people screaming for a TOR nerf maybe you should move around more. It doesn't need to be nerfed, but I think it needs a few changes. Make the Tor bipod mandatory for the rifle. If you are crouched next to a ledge or prone you can use the Tor effectively. If you try to use it any other way there is a significant penalty to accuracy, maybe implement substantial scope sway when not using the bipod. Make the bipod the only underbarrel attachment...I have NEVER seen a .50, or any anti-matieral rifle, have any form of grip. Maybe have ADS movement decreased to compensate for the weight of the rifle, which will also discourage the quick scope or run-n-gun issues. My last suggestion for it is to make it the most expensive weapon to unlock, and/or put it behind a high level unlock to reward dedicated players rather than give scrubs like me a God-gun. It is a specialists rifle, so I think if you've slugged your way through the ranks you deserve a powerful gun to play with eventually. 3) I've seen a lot of crying about the Vepr as well, which makes me laugh. Yeah, it's powerful, and I do believe it's range should be nerfed a bit, but if your unlucky, or dumb enough, to get hit at close range with a full blast of 12ga magnum buckshot, you can be damn sure it'll put you down. Even if it hits that lvl4 steel it'll knock you on your butt and you would be sucking in air, leaving you vulnerable for the second blast. Shotguns are also specialist weapons and need to be treated as such. They are meant to be brutal and punishing in cqc, so I think just a range nerf and definitely a ROF nerf are probably all that are needed. And before the comments start, no, I don't use the Vepr very much, I run the AK and Beryl 99% of the time...which brings us to... 4) does anyone else feel the AK-15 and Beryl are really good? Like maybe the better ARs in the game? I have no luck with the Alpha, G38, G36, etc., but I do work with those two. Just wondering on this one or if it's just a personal thing. Thanks for the great game guys!
  12. Hi Devs.. Here are 3 easy fixes that can be added to the list of other peoples suggestions 1. Bodies should remain a little bit longer on the battlefield 2. The ability to swap for/pick up a downed players weapon - this can be possible if bodies remain a little 3. Once deploying a special eg UAV/Reaper.. the laptop takes far too long to be put away and you end up getting shot. Its quick to open but reeeeeeaaaallly slow (unrealistically) to put it away - decrease the time please. So far the game is fun to play. Keep up the good work.. Regards from South Africa
  13. I would like to list a variety of ideas and suggestions that I think would be great to see in the game: Maps It would be great to increase the complexity of the maps and the number of levels across which the combat takes place: - More interior spaces and more sniper vantage points: e.g. a) in Warsaw some extra shop windows on the various streets could be entered to give infantry some cover in the large open streets or some fighting through office buildings b) in Moscow it would be great to be able to go on top of the Kremlin walls and towers. Night maps with night and thermal vision, infrared lasers or flashlights (these could even have batteries that need to be recharged somewhere). Apocalypse maps - A map situated in the wake of a nuclear bomb dropped on a city and another after a biological weapons attack (maybe this would require troops to wear different clothing and avoid certain areas also if they get shot and there are holes in their outfit they have to take anti-rads/medicine): in any case however its done it would be great to have an interesting take on possible WW3 biologically/chemically/radiologically contaminated environments (maps). - A Chernobyl Map Superweapons and call ins Air-fuel (Thermobaric) bomb (high-cost call in). AC-130 Specter Gunship call in. Chemical or radiological weapons call in which require troops to put on gas masks. Biological weapons e.g. smallpox call in (infectious from one player to another without gas mask?) nano weapons (nanobots) that can sabotage vehicles sensors or manoeuvrability call in Tactical nuclear missile and mini-nuclear artillery call ins (leaves radiological effect after the initial explosion. - CBRN (chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear) weapons thus act as a form of area access denial (or restriction) for a certain time) (Napalm is another option). Portable infantry mortars that exploit current intelligence from UAVs etc. Factions it would increase immersion if east and west had different/exclusive uniforms, camo and guns. Each player could be able to customize their east or west uniforms and equipment separately. Likewise, it would be good if East and West vehicles were distinct e.g. T-72 on East and Leo or M1A2 Abrams on West. Vehicles New drones: it would be amazing to have the following remote-controlled drones in the game which all have varied loadouts: - Modular Advanced Armed Robotic System (MAARS) (Image: 1). - Multipurpose Unmanned Tactical Transport (MUTT) (image: 2). - Talon Weapon System (image: 3). - Russian Uran-9 weapon platform (image: 4). - PD-100 Black Hornet Mini-UAV for recon (provide awareness of area on the map that the player drives it to) (image:8) Remote control over a deployed predator drones to fire a limited number of missiles at ground targets. Laser attachment that shoots down incoming projectiles and drones. Weapons and attachments 3rd sight option attached on top of the main scope: e.g. on top of a long/medium scope a non-magnified sight. These are used in modern militaries (image: 5 & 6). Grenade launcher attachment for assault rifles. mini pump-action Shotgun attachment for assault rifles. OICW weapons with both standard calibre and a grenade/high calibre weapon built in (image: 7). incendiary/Phosphorous grenades Motion detector explosives e.g. Claymores A12 Shotgun Magnum revolvers Ammunition Primary ammo should be selectable e.g. whether FMJ, Hollow-point, armour piercing, etc. Shotguns need a variety of ammo (rifled slugs, buckshot 00/000, airburst shells etc) to make them competitive at the many ranges in maps. Some assault rifles/OICW weapons have some airburst rounds as add-on ammo. Thermal-sensor homing bullets add-on ammo Depleted uranium rounds in tanks. Look forward to hearing any feedback and discussing these ideas. I will add more if I think of them.
  14. This is a compilation of some of the more popular and realistic requests for the game, mainly gathered from the Discord channel. Commo Rose - Think Battlefield 2, quick and easy to access team/squad radio messages with in-game voice lines + on-screen text + icon flashing of the person who clicked one of the lines. IE; a team member presses "I need a ride/transport", if you open your map the person who clicked that line will flash on your map a few times with a "Transport" icon on them so that everyone knows who said it and what he needs on your team. Example VoIP - Local VoIP, Squad VoIP and Squad Leader VoIP, local allows you to speak to anyone in a small area around you, both squad and non-squad members can hear you talking this way with positional direction if possible, Squad VoIP allows you to speak only to your Squad regardless of distance, Squad Leader VoIP allows only Squad Leaders to communicate with eachother, also regardless of distance. Think Squad and Post Scriptum. Shorter match rounds - Right now they're too long, currently it feels like a 10K tickets conquest/domination match from Battlefield, the mode isn't fun when it takes so long to finish, maybe some sort of WAR/RUSH mode with different objectives and dynamic map changes will be better with the current match timer, but right now it's too long. Faster flag capture - Right now it takes too long for a single person to capture a flag, while yes it should be slower if only 1 person is trying to capture a flag by himself, currently it's excruciatingly slow and literally impossible to do, an enemy soldier spawning at his main base has enough time to run across the entire map and get to you before you're even half-way done, needs adjustment. More information on weapon attachments - Right now it's almost impossible to understand what each attachment increases or decreases on your weapon, impossible to differentiate between what's better or worse, we need better statistics and damage values/changes with each added/changed attachment, think Rainbow Six Siege, you get a target practice icon showing recoil pattern changes and exact damage values. Example Balance - Right now it feels like there's almost no balance in matches, most matches end with one team being extremely dominating and the other ending up getting spawn locked/camped, some sort of balancing system needs to be in place. Better Spawns and Spawn Protection - Game needs to have a better spawn system, sometimes if you spawn on your squad leader you end up spawning inside walls, and when you spawn on a flag you sometimes end up getting shot right as you spawn, giving you no time at all to react and dying in a frustrating manner, there needs to some sort of spawn protection and a better spawn zone away from the flag, if an attacker is trying to capture a flag, enemies shouldn't be spawning right in front of him on right on his back 2 meters apart, the enemy team must be spawned further away from the objective and not right on-top of it. Next added Country/Faction polls - Think Wargame: Red Dragon by Eugen Systems, they made polls on their website for the community to decide what the next country DLC should be, we currently have the entire community asking for different factions, I believe an official poll will help choose the next factions to be added for the game. Example Teamkill punishment - This needs to be reworked, right now it's extremely frustrating when you're using a vehicle and doing a lot of good work for your team and you suddenly get killed by a friendly punish for accidentally killing a teammate or sometimes a teammate would specifically try to get under your wheels so you kill them on accident only to punish you to get you killed, on some cases doing it just to steal your vehicle if you didn't lock it, there should be a score penalty instead of "YOU DIED" Mines - Right now mines are extremely powerful and need to be adjusted a little, a mine currently deletes any vehicle no matter what, instead of completely destroying it from 100% health, the vehicle should be de-tracked and disabled and be unable to move until fixed, either that or make it so friendly members can spot/remove them and mark them on your map Revive system - There should be some sort of revive system implemented, perhaps something like in BF:V with long animations to both encourage teamplay and stop revive trains, it shouldn't be something easy to do but neither should it be impossible. Stationary weapon emplacements near main spawns - There should be stationary weapon emplacements around the map and especially on the main spawn areas for both teams to deter enemies from spawn camping, MG's and ATGM's would help a lot to push back enemy forces from your spawn area. Faction specific radio chatter - This is WW3, you're not fighting alone on a small area, battles are going on across the entire country/globe, there should be some immersive faction specific radio chatter during the round every few minutes, think Titanfall 2, anything to help immerse players into the world. Kick/Report system - There should be a kick system in the game that allows players to select another player and initiate a vote to kick that player, this will help fight trolls, hackers and glitchers, also give us the ability to select players and report them for malicious/unsportman like behavior, hacking, glitching etc. Medals/Ribbons - Think almost every online shooter ever, give us Medals and Ribbons to unlock for using specific weapons or doing specific things that give bonus credits or XP. Rework sounds - A lot of the sounds in the game don't sound right or are of low quality, tank firing needs to be much louder, so much so that if a tank fired near you, you should hear ringing in your ears, same with some of the point streaks like artillery and bombing runs, they need to be much heavier and louder sounding.
  15. 1# More clarity on Air or Arty Strikes; "Airstrike inbound" VO needs some text to flash on screen of players who are in the area that a strike is incoming. Maybe currently those in the area only hear the VO warning?? i don't know - its not very clear on where the strike is targeted and also if its a friendly or hostile airstrike. I think perhaps friendly airstrikes could show a grid pattern on map with icon as a warning that only that side sees? 2# Get rid of the tap dancing shoes sfx when sprinting (more noticeable when alone); Sprinting SFX sounds weird especially if running alone- it sounds like someone is running with you. 3# Let vehicles remain on the map after being destroyed; Dynamic cover I know they disappear after a time to keep fps down, but this could be trialed at least. I think it would make the map more dynamic having parts of it change as wrecks become new areas of cover and also blocking LOS for hostile tanks (which should be able to push or move a wreck if its not wedged in) and also look like a war zone. Perhaps a random smoking column of smoke from wreck in terms of thickness and direction it trails upwards or across the the battlefield low. Again adds dynamic feel to the scene. 4# Two- Step Crouch Stances (eg. Peeking over cover) I would like to be able to have 2 crouch stances, so i can peer over a concrete barrier and not be able to present my weapon to bear or go up another notch to be able to keep low and fire over cover. At the moment crouch is great for keeping in cover but not for firing over cover. This would be more realistic as we all produce more sustained firefights where running and gunning won't cut it. 5# Unique Mini-map always on for Squads who stay close (added incentive bonus for Squad play) This could be if 80% of the Squad is within 20-25metres the mini-map will display for each one. Their icon on mini-map could be a triangle denoting direction they are facing. This would also aid the Squad in defense positions where they can keep watching a doorway without having to look around and see where their Squad mate is, they can glance at the mini-map and see all fire-sectors are covered or if some of their guys were taken out. To go a step further the squad individual icons could go red if their health is dangerously low, handy for a medic to help them or you know that the room/doorway entrance might soon be breached from that direction if that wounded Squad mate in question is about to die. Maybe their icons will flash when taking fire. All this would be valuable information and be an incentive to work together. Another inspiration for this is a mod for Arma3 called Squad Radar that only shows Squads positioning relative to one another, which could be another alternative. But a mini-map would be better to coordinate defending a room etc. 6# Rappelling down from high places This could be gadget class, that you can equip for 1 use. This could be being able to attach and drop a rope from a high floor to the ground and anyone can use it (even the enemy) however it can be destroyed by using a melee move on the attachment point. If choppers is going to be a vehicle in future then this system could be the fore-runner maybe. Maybe a grappling hook could be another variant where a sniper could get up to a higher place if they successfully hook onto something, and have an option to cut the rope so no one can climb up. 7# Vaulting another player up to scale a tall wall This would require new animations, but one player could turn back to wall and crouch and other one standing in front of this player presses a key and they get a boost jump that has forward momentum to reach the top of the wall. Another team work activity and also make the game more unique from BF. The animation could be something similar to other games that you jump and catch a ledge (eg. AC or Tomb raider). I think Project reality had something similar using rope to scale high walls?
  16. As introduction - I've played most of modern FPS games, that includes EFT, Bf2/3/4, BFBC2, etc. and here are some changes I'd like to see to the core gameplay of WW3, not including the obvious placeholders. Armor - for the most part i love how it's modeled, apart from helmets. They are ridiculously OP, they discourage going for the head shots and instead finding enemies groin. What I'd like to see is nerfing them heavily. Heavy helmet - 50% dmg reduction on 1st shot, next shot does full damage on all rounds that are 5.56 or higher, can stop a few more 9mm bullets or buckshot pellets, medium helmet - 50% dmg reduction on 9mm rounds and buckshot, doesn't stop 5.56 rounds or higher, light helmet, same as medium but less durability. Health - arcady model, but that's nothing wrong with that, apart from stomach shots doing full damage, they should receive around 0.7 multiplier, to encourage headshots to end the fight quickly. Also I am not aware if there is such a thing as neck hitzone, if there isn't it should be added. Gunplay - pretty decent, but not EFT level, while also miles ahead of bf/cod titles. One thing i dislike is single shot or tap fire recoil being too high or at least feeling like it. From what I've seen the "return to 0" automatic recoil reset is acting too slow for fast follow up shots. Another thing is hipfire or point fire, what ever you want to call it, is too inaccurate, the random spread is too high and feels out of place. for a proper hip fire implementation look at EFT. Vehicles - only one thing that stuck out so far was the APC system, destroying rockets shot at the vehicle. It pretty much eliminates all hope for infantry to take down a tank. Tho I have no idea how to balance that, maybe increased re-activation time. Game mode - size of capture points should be greatly increased, as of right now it turns into nade spam/clusterfuck as most of the cap points are one room or very small open area. Misc.: Player weight - there is no reason to run anything but heavy kits atm, Heavy is way too fast, medium is pointless and light is well balanced. Lazers - very bad implementation, on how they should be, again, look at EFT. All in all, I am enjoying this game a lot, apart from the mentioned issues. And as a reminder it's just my personal opinion and nothing more. And I realized that I am comparing or suggesting a lot of changes that are similar in EFT, kinda hard not to as it has the very best gunplay on the market atm., at lest in my opinion.
  17. My suggestions: Ability to swap weapon while sprinting. (While sprinting weapons keys don't work. Character has to stop, then keys work) Tropical Forest Map (Like a Vietnam forest) Night Map Improve ability to spot squad members and zone. ( It's so hard to find your squad members ) In-game server browser Improve character movement. Compare other weapon stats with your current weapon Training Camp (To test weapons)
  18. Alright, so this is gonna be a bit of a long list ranging from small decal edits to requests for totally new content. Hope you agree, if so, leave a comment, if not, leave a comment. Alright, here we go. The US Flag should always have the star spangled side facing forward when worn on the sleeves. Left side should be normal while the right side should be horizontally inverted. It's a way we Americans respect the flag, and to wear it otherwise, ESPECIALLY in the military, is extremely disrespectful and highly frowned upon. I'm sure you didn't know, being Polish, but just thought you should be informed. Coyote Brown looks nothing like coyote Brown, more like Khaki/Tan. Please add a more "Brown" version of coyote at some point in the future. I'm sure this is the plan, but PLEASE add more camouflages, particularly Multicam. I understand Camogram is similar, but it uses green on all solid-colored portions unlike Multicam's tan, which is a subtle but significant visual difference. Other camos I'd like to see include AOR1, AOR2, Desert Marpat, Tropentarn, Swedish M90 and M90k, Australian Auspat, and Canadian CADPAT. For weapons, I'd like to see FAMAS, AUG, L85, M4/M16, M249 SAW, MP5, MP7, UMP.45, M9, Sig p226, AK5-c, M14/MK14, SCAR-H/SCAR-L, HK417 (Designated by the German Military as G28), and Type-95 If you add an M4, PLEASE add a Daniel Defense MK18 RIS handguard with a Bronze color option. Very common with US Spec Ops, and the Bronze on Black looks awesome IMO. Add patches for 75th Ranger Regiment, Army Special Forces (Green berets), Marine Force Reconaissance, SeALs (One for each SeAL team?), DEVGRU, CAG, AFSOC, ASOC, MARSOC Insignia, JSOC, NSWC, Air force Combat Control Teams (Both Combat Control Insignia and 'CCT' white-on-black rectangle callsign patch options please), Canadian JTF2 Globe/Maple Leaf unit patch. Perhaps add an ACOG sight, and an EOTech + Flip-to-Side Magnifier combo? Add a MICH 2000 helmet, as used by Force Reconaissance, MARSOC Raiders on occasion, and Rangers on occasion, as well as plenty of foreign units. Add a C.I.R.A.S. vest as used by most US Marine forces Seriously... ADD PROPPER COYOTE BROWN! Perhaps add a subdued (monochromatic) flag option? Add some more American voices, and other language voices as well. Current American voice sounds like an asshole, lol. I know I've said this a lot on the Discord, but seriously, if you guys do American maps, PLEASE do Atlanta! Biggest city in the Southeast, one of the biggest in the country, I believe top 10 in the world. Fantastic opportunities, and barely touched by the gaming industry! MARTA Subways, Centennial Olympic Park, Ponce City Market, Decatur Square (which has both a MARTA subway station and a cool metal statue, very iconic), we have plenty of map opportunity! For real guys, coyote Brown needs to be fixed. Farm 51, if by some miracle you read this, keep up the good work! I absolutely love the game, and plan on sticking with it throughout development. Thanks!
  19. First thing to mention is how great this game feels to play. I was hopeful about this game, but it has exceeded my expectations so far. It really is just as fun and good as most AAA shooters. Obviously, launch wasn't great and some people are still having connection issues. There are also some game features not working due to the server issues. I'm not including those things in my thoughts because they're temporary hiccups that aren't directly related to the experience of playing the game. It does mean we can't comment on progression yet, maybe other things too, we'll see. I'm also going to focus mostly on issues/suggestions, but overall I'm very impressed and can't wait to load up the game again. Highlights: Varied gunplay, really good roster of starter weapons (I'm assuming more will come as development progresses/DLC post release?). Character and weapon customization is outstanding. Map design is pretty great, I'm starting to figure out spots and learn the common fields of battle. Still a lot more to dig into though. This is anecdotal, but it runs pretty well for me. 1440p with a GTX 1080 all maxed settings. 40 - 80 fps. Components stay within reasonable temperatures as well. Issues: I think TTK is slightly too long if we're going for realism. (game is still fun, just pointing this out, wouldn't necessarily be upset if it stays this way). Squad members and/or leaders need more tools/incentives to work together. Giving the player the ability to spawn on squad members would be good. Close range RPG use on humans. Warzone Large isn't 64 players? The most I've seen so far is 44. Steam says I have 8 hours in game, and I didn't spend more than 30-40 minutes the first two days with those loading screens. Different weapon attachments seem to not affect stats differently (maybe server issue?) - and it doesn't seem like there are enough stats per piece, or maybe there's an error and the same stats are repeated per piece when they shouldn't be? Vehicles (especially some) are a bit OP, but it makes sense. Character movement feels unnaturally fast - especially with light/med gear - but the maps are so big I'd be afraid of increasing travel time by slowing down character speed. I haven't experienced hackers, but apparently there are quite a few. Respawn time is too long IMO. It seems like it's 15 seconds total? That's not that out of bounds with genre standards, but it feels long. I'd suggest lowering to 10 total, or having a system like Rising Storm where it refreshes every ~15 seconds but you can get into queue at any point in that time (for example: you die but the queue is at 3 seconds so you only wait 3 seconds for this particular respawn) - this would also further encourage squad/teamplay since anywhere from several to maybe ten-fifteen players would respawn at once. This is very nitpicky, but currently I don't think your walking/running/stepping sound changes when your character moves over a puddle. I honestly wouldn't care much if it's never adjusted, but just mentioning it as something I noticed. Suggestions: It would be cool for a FPS to have day/night and weather cycles. There's some weather on the maps currently, but I believe it's static. I know this is a major task, so I'm mentioning as more of a "wouldn't it be cool." You could have some cool gadgets to deal with difficult weather and thermal/NV for night. Modes other than Warzone. This is almost certainly coming, but just mentioning it. WZ is fun, but varied and interactive experiences are always welcome. Ability to hold breath with snipers to steady aiming while standing/crouching (or when not using a bipod while prone). ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ That's all so far. Feel free to agree, disagree, discuss.
  20. Hello guys. First things first i love the game. Well i love the core of the game and potential it has. It gives me the same feeling R6 Siege gave me when it launched (http://prntscr.com/l9id8e). But in order to recover and create a big audience there are a lot of things that need to be fixed before EA ends. So lets get started. Below everything is based on priority and significance. Firstly Servers and optimization. Ofc you are already on it but still. Running the game on everything low and not being able to get 100fps+ stable on r9 390 and ryzen5 1600 16gigs ram i think its not ok to put it politely.I am in the EU and playing on EU servers with 100+ PING while i play siege and WoW with 60ms its also a no go. So keep up the good work and fix em asap. After that animation and footsteps sound needs to be fixed. Vaulting and then running or anything that involves jump/vault breaks the whole movement. Fluid movement makes a big difference. Next sync the reload animation of the gun with the UI bullet count. I reload my AR and mid animation the UI updates and i am stuck pressing fire but nothing happens since the animation is still going on.Also i should be able to swap guns mid reload animation.Such as RPG-7.Every time i wont to swap to it and then off it i have to wait for the reload and it is stupid.But that comes into conflict with the realism aspect and so on.I dont have an answer on that. Now on footsteps well its simple. I can only hear most of the time only my own footsteps. I get flanked or rushed and i don't hear anything even if the enemy is less than 5 meters away. I need to be able to at least hear the enemy when he is sprinting. You could also make the sound distance and volume proportional to the weight of the character.Heavy=A lot of sound. Light= Less sound. Next is spawning , match duration and balance. Well the games take too long. Even if a team is dominating and has every or nearly every point on lock down the game still goes on for ~30 minutes. That's too long. Personally i think the duration should be around 15 minutes when dominating and 20-25 when there is a real fight going on. Now on the spawn camping/spawning in general. A simple solution is to place the character that just spawned in an immune state for 5 secs or until he shoots or until he moves 5 meters. The idea is to eliminate the 0.1 sec deaths after spawning and give a fighting chance to those that just spawned. Besides the enemy already knows where they are while the just spawned character is still searching. Also when a team gets behind and starts to lose control of the match it is way too easy to just choke that team off the map. The random(i believe ) third spawn that shows up after you lose every point is a good idea but just one more spawn wont cut it. I would suggest either add one more spawn place or give a tank for every time they are with 0 captured points for more than 2 minutes up to 2 times. Something like a reinforcement system where you think all is lost but you are given a chance to comeback.But only twice.Or you could just shorten or remove the respawn delay when every point is lost for a given time. Like a rallying cry or something. Now on the armor system. I cant say that i love it. Its way too random. From siege i learned to aim for the head or center body mass and thats where the armor is. I have gotten way too many black hitmarkers that i think mean armor plate hit. Now i dont think removing it is the solution. I think that being hit on the armor plates should penalize in a different way in addition to taking damage. I believe i saw sometimes a blurry vision effect when i was shot on the head armor. I am not sure but seems like it. You could also remove the character from sprinting when shot on the chest armor.I mean dealing 20 -30 damage on a headshot feels just wrong and penalizes skill. In customization menu we have AP rounds but we get only 1 mag of it. Just let us have full ammo of that but the balance is the AP rounds deal less average damage on flesh compared to the FMJ. Sorry but getting a headshot should mean 80+% won firefight. Now on the customization menu and attachments. Well the truth is the menu is just bad. Sorry but it is. Its chaos and having everything on scroll makes it hard to find things. Especially when sub menus like non-magnification scopes are on the bottom cause the first tab opened with the mid-range scopes. A tile system should work better. Make the categories tiles and the attachments in there a list if you must. Now on attachments i know you will add the numbers and effects on the differents grips and scopes on a later date. The only thing i would like to add is that every or nearly every different scope should also have a different reticle. Disclaimer. This is my personal opinion. Everyone is welcome to comment and make their own suggestions and comments. Just please be civil. I want the devs to read this and make a good game. Also i will edit/update this post as i find things to add or if i change my mind.
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