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Found 3 results

  1. Whats up everyone, I've followed the game for years but never got it. Thinking about getting it now. Or waiting until the new animation system? But either way... Is this game tactical, strategic AT ALL or is everyone just run and gunning mindlessly like chickens with their heads cut off. Be honest. Hows the teamwork too? I prefer people talking using some form of tactics once and a while, and strat... crouching, peaking, doing things properly or a least a little bit tactical mixed with some run and gun is good. Playing the objectives. Not too serious like ARMA 3 perhaps, but not too ridiculous like say COD and recently BF style of play. Is there really a point to get it over already having literally every Battlefield and tons of other games. What sets it apart really? If you prefer to chat on Discord hmu there. I run a fairly large community and am looking to potentially add WW3 to the games we play. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  2. Tactical rush This game mode is similar to rush but has a cool twist on it, this mode is made with tactical disicions made pre game -Company comander- before the game begin (Intermission) the company commander starts to apply the tactics on the map for the fighting platoons such as attack routs, defensive lines, flanks, tank positions , etc... the command will go down to platoon comanders whe will command squads and position them threw visual aid and voip (The Platoon commander can talk only to squad commanders in Voip, while squad commanders can talk to their squads and platoon commander) company commander will have his commands on his Hud (plus platoon comanders location), platoon commanders will have their and the company comanders commands , squad commanders and players will have platoon commands. -HQ every team will have an HQ if you sneak Inside you will gain the enemy tactics which will give your team an advantage. HQ location can be discovered by capturing the intel from a dead platoon commander (or squad commander if its too difficult) -Team points In this mode following orders and progressing earns points for the whole team and not personal (like in normal conquest), the Company or Platoon comander can order Tanks/Air strikes/etc.. for his aid the build: Comapny -> 3 Platoons -> 2/3 Squads (each squad 4 players) (for 32 vs 32 player game) The picture above shows what will be built (2 parts of the plan) strong lines are Company commands (for platoons), thin lines are for Platoon commands (for squads), = is defensive positon, + is offensive position This mode as i belive is made for the type of players who play this game, players who want to play tactical group based game play with a ton of thought on every step, this game mode is for the more hardcore players who want a true WW3 experence
  3. Some people want minimap. I dont really need it, just add flags in compass so i know where to go.
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