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  1. Hey guys, I have a suggestion for a bunch of things that would change vehicle game play, combining a few things that other people have suggested as well as one or two balances that could promote more teamwork. The main feature is the introduction of guided weapons that others have asked for, and this post is about other mechanics that could be introduced to make it more fun. The main guided missiles that people have suggested so far are the Stinger/Javelin handheld anti armour missile and the BMP missiles on the turret upgrade for the T-72. How I think guided weapons should work: 1. Getting a 'lock' on an enemy Getting a lock on an enemy requires the enemy vehicle to be spotted. This can be done by the operator or a teammate. The operator of the weapon must then hold the enemy vehicle within the crosshair of their weapon for 7 seconds (this could be balanced to other numbers depending on how it allows pilots/drivers to react), and this number goes down to four seconds if the vehicle is also being illuminated by an IR device (a link to that suggestion will be attached here when I finish it). 2. Firing Players can click to fire like any weapon as long as lock is maintained. Once the lock has been made, the enemy vehicle does not have to be marked or illuminated again until the weapon is fired or the lock is broken. 3. Missile in action Once a guided weapon has been fired, it should be difficult, if not nigh impossible to stop mid flight aside from either the target moving behind a non-destructible piece of cover or using one of the countermeasures I will outline below. The missile should deal a considerable amount of vehicle damage as it is more difficult to fire than an RPG or equivalent vehicle weapon. Stinger: Heavier than RPG Deals more damage Requires lock to fire BMP High point cost upgrade above base tank Powerful anti vehicle missile, requires lock Countermeasures: The enemy vehicle must be marked to acquire a lock. Therefore, deploying a jammer will stop all guided weapons working Enemies using IR illuminators to illuminate a vehicle can be seen if the driver activates their thermal vision, allowing them to be taken out Guided weapons are blocked by active APS and jam APS Seeing that the BMP turret is currently just a low calibre turret for the T-72 and the Heli Drone has been a massive salt mine for most players, I thought it would be worth writing a suggestion that would both satisfy these requests by players for a guided weapon and also further push vehicle play styles towards moving around cover so as to avoid missile lock rather than the more common "appear in the middle of a control point and hope for the best".
  2. Hey guys, Have a suggestion for fixing some of the vehicle gameplay that I know has been discussed a lot. My idea is to allow vehicles to sustain track damage, so that a vehicle can be immobilised or slowed down. This improves gameplay for both the team with the vehicle and the team without. To fix a damaged track, I suggest a player would have to be on the side of the damaged track. (If this were to happen, then vehicle health should probably be increased a bit) For the team with the vehicle, the driver will be less inclined to harass infantry by itself. Usually when a player attacks a vehicle with an RPG and enough health gets taken off, the driver just speeds away, at a pace fast enough that even a loitering ammo has trouble catching up. Instead, the soldier can attack the tracks. If the tracks are damaged, then the vehicle moves slower, so the soldier has more time to take down the vehicle. This encourages the driver to work alongside other friendly infantry to help cover him as he gets out to repair the tracks, or shoot at the enemy so that he can drive away. As the team attacking the vehicle this is also a bonus. Land mines and C4 can now immobilise vehicles instead of destroying them outright, meaning players with explosives will be now encouraged to stand around and devise ambushes to take out the drivers doing repairs rather than leave land mines all over the map and hope through dumb luck that you'll get a kill from some unlucky guy driving over them. I'm just personally sick of watching the first few players in game grab the vehicles at spawn and terrorize everyone else until they get killed by a lucky land mine placement, and then just have enough BP to call in another vehicle anyway and continue harassing infantry players. Having track damage would at least help stop the reckless gameplay I see on the behalf of drivers who can basically roll over a squad of infantry without issue, and it would also help make vehicles more connected with team play mechanics.
  3. Hello all! I was just wondering what your thoughts were on the way that the Armor "Strikes" are delivered to the battlefield. To me, the airdrop via tablet function has its merits, however I tend to encounter more problems when I am alive on the battlefield when enough BP is earned to afford the tank. Usually this means I need to abandon my team and the objectives and run back to our spawn zone to call it in safely. This often results in objectives being uncapped by the enemy which obviously doesn't help the team. I understand that it could become a problem if you could call a tank into the middle of a cap zone where you could just hop in during a firefight and blow the enemy defenders to pieces, however I feel like there could be another way to balance that. My suggestions (which are up for debate and discussion obviously ) are as follows: My first suggestion: Instead of being able to call the streak in on your tablet... why not have a radio and a special colored smoke grenade, where you call for the tank on the radio and mark the drop with the smoke rather than have the smoke appear after you select the location on your tablet. If there is not enough room or the smoke is thrown on a contested or enemy objective, the response for the drop will be a negative. If the drop zone is clear, open, or friendly controlled, the result will be an affirmative and the plane will fly as normal. My second suggestion (Which could be combined with my above suggestion or as a separate one): The piece of armor can be spawned in via the deploy screen. Instead of having to spawn into the back spawn and wait for the plane to drop your armor via crate, you could spawn in the back cap inside the armor. This could be beneficial for the team as it does not waste the time needed to just call in the armor, it would stop people from stealing your stuff via TK, and you could even pick up teammates on the way from the back and drop them off at the front! To balance out the safety of not having to run up to the tank exposed, you would have to drive for a longer period of time away from the action and not be able to instantly rain shells on your enemies. I LOVE the way strikes work in the game, they reward team-play and PTO as opposed to just being a Rambo lone gunman. The UAV, Jammers, Indirect fire, and Airstrikes all make sense on the tablet and do not really strike me (hehehe pun intended) as a problem. I just found that the act of earning the MBT or IFV was less tedious than calling them in with the BP and I wanted to try and be part of the solution rather than part of the problem.
  4. The ammunition count gets stuck on 150 on the right side of screen on the 12,7mm HMG as basic to the tank, but the ammunition count on the bottom is 0 and this does not change if you go and refill, or try to reload or anything. It leaves you dependant on the main cannon. On one hand it is irritating, on the other hand it could be slightly realistic. This has only occurred on T-72 for me, as that is the only one I have been able to test it. It happened multiple times. I am very active with these Current Content Build ID:3417404
  5. Tanks feel extreamly weak in the game, the movment is bad MBT's are a fearsome battle machine which has the ability to wipe out a ton and can understand how it can become OP, but in the game the MBT are weak and almost unusable for the long term and lack actual skill while using them. my thoughts how to improve them ingame: 1. make them more agile, tanks get stuck literraly on anything making them sitting ducks by rpg and nearby tanks (real tanks crush surfaces and overcome obsticles) 2. add splash damage to HE shells, only if you shoot at a radius of like 2 meters you can hurt infantry 3. the track and the engine are weak spots on tanks, if its possible to cripple a tank using charges/shooting the tracks that could be great 4. add actual tank scopes and integrate skill into the tank by also taking down the red indicator showing where the shell would hit Tanks take about 6000 BP to order (if built properly) so they should be worth it!
  6. Current Content Build ID: 3335211 When one spawns into a tank with another squad member, sometimes they spawn into two places at the same time: 1. Into the tank itself, allowing capping objectives as it rolls to them and dying on top of the tank, but nothing more. 2. Into the sky, falling and often times spinning as it happens. Still alive, but out of bounds, maybe to a developer spot, because there is no warning of being out of bounds and the player does not die. When the player hits the ground he stays spinning on the ground. This has happened twice so far to myself, and another member of the Finnish Discord in both Berlin and Moscow maps.
  7. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): I don't have video, atm. What happens is that I'm sitting in the tank and all of a sudden the tank will start to spin and fly around. This causes the camera to have something looking like a seizure. The tank can move great distances, once I found myself leaving the map area. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): The current build : 3327628. However haven't been in a tank in this build so I don't know if you guys have fixed it. Last time it happened was the update before this. STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): umm, it happens kind of rarely. Just try and play in a tank most of the time there is nothing (I think) to really trigger it. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): I can't see it having anything with my PC to do. CRASH LOG (if any): The game continues on like nothing happened.
  8. unfortunately, my tank got spawn at the corner of the tank repair tool and my tank got stuck, it can't move for a single bit! i think this glitch should be repaired. place a drop zone area by marking on the map where any player can call tank or LAV or upcoming supply drops.
  9. for so many people carrying an anti-tank mine, i could not even drive out of my spawn, at least there should be some signal or flashing light or at least it looks like a mine. but that damn thing just look like a pack, i've once stopped in front of a pack to check what that is, and then i drove onto that thing and got killed, that was really frustrating. if not to nerf the mine, at least give drivers a second chance, or allow us to customize the tank at some cost that could survive one hit from the mine. AT mine mainly focus on the caterpillar track rather than the bottom of the tank, while when the track is destroyed, the crew survive and it could be repaired, AT mine is so strong in this game that it's just to OP for tanks to survive.
  10. Middle east (Iran, Saudia, Israel) featuring also( T72,M1A2, Merkava mk4 tanks) (M-tar21 rifle) I would love some of the next maps Golan hights(Israel) Jerusalem (Israel) (features real tight CQB without much options for tanks) Sahara desert (Egypt)
  11. I would love to see actual tank optics, when the game adds large scale non Urban maps these will be important, also they will feature more skill on tanks them self
  12. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: When you go on own repair station with tanks, the reloading ammos are bugged. Esemple: it reload 50 rounds of tank shots, but when you go out the ammo max reloaded fall down to 26 (it appen for every tipe of ammo, with different amount max) GAME BUILD ID : 3271209 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : Go on station repair to reload tank's ammo SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS: Intel i6600K Skylake - Nvidea 1070 8GB - RAM DDR4 16GB - HD ssd 250BG CRASH LOG : no crash log
  13. So? Is it too easy? To hardcore? Tanks are to op? Tanks are too weak? (i found such topic as they destroyed by 1 single rocket) Who is right?) I've seen somewhere topic that a game and aiming too easy as well but didn't find it right now. So more armor or its op?) Feel free to post your controversial findings from forum;)
  14. This game has been great the launch was ruff but once they had the servers up and it became playable WoW,, It brought me back to the good old Battle field 2 days with modern graphics. Now needless to say there is much work to be done "Early access" it would be nice to see my exp at the end of the match or feel comfortable if I am or am not going to get a game. The optimization 100% needs work the frame drop are tiring.. How ever all this is a matter of time to fix What they have gotten right is amazing adding kills streaks to a open Battlefield was such a smart Idea eliminating having to run towards a tank hoping you get it is a nice change also you know its going to someone who is going to put it to use. The capture points is so smart!!!! I can't express that enough having to cap both objectives "A1-A2, B1-B2, C1-C2 " in order to get points adds new strats in order to obtain a Victory! Having really strong guns off the start is a fun thing to me. Personally getting killed by a Tor is annoying how ever I can re spawn find a flank get a kill get back to a 1.0kd. I find it exciting people who enjoy sniping have a purpose also so do I someone who likes running around COD style both play styles add something to the battlefield and the guns accent it! One thing I hate is getting spawn killed by RPG but i 100% know that is going to get nerfed in time and there is ways to avoid getting clowned off spawn lol. The early days of a game can be the most enjoyable while there is no "Meta" or set gun with set attachments. WW3 took key elements from grate games and turned it truly into their own! In closing thanks so much for creating a game that is familiar yet a fresh breath I can't wait to see what is to come! P.s If you'd like to shred hit me up on steam Mg.Coastin
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