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Found 13 results

  1. When the game starts in Warzone each team should have 2xIFVs not 1xIFV and 1xTank. So IFVs can be destroyed easily(RPGs). So this would back up my old post about boosting the tanks and ways to kill them, points to buy them and different types of players. So tanks would be heavy hitters but in the same time can be countered really easily (Example: T-72: 3k points bare[1000 health points]/ Abrams: 5,5k points bare [2000 health points] {Of course health points for Leo and Abrams should be discussed} The player can choose that if he/she should wait to get the better tank or pick early to dominate early game. But there would be some one with 3k points for Hellfire that can destroy the T-72 with no problem. Same with Abrams in late game.) When some one with tank kills a person he will take 100 point (not 200 points) from the kill> less people would use the tanks Nerf the RPGs or boost the tanks Health points> so people would use more hellfire Boost the lens at least x2 harder to kill (or make the hit boxes x2 smaller) And there should be 1 more type of "camera" which is the middle of the tank where the driver is seated, without option to move its "head" except when the tank is moved(<-|->) Nerf the anti tank mines maybe? They work perfectly but for the tanks it takes them too much DMG(insta death), which i do not agree with. Maybe from my prev. post i have made about the tanks or maybe the first mine will be 1/2 chance for insta kill or 1/2 chance of taking 85% HP of the tank(would not be added the hassle of making a tank with broken tracks from my old suggestion). /\ Here my last post about the tanks and AT mines. If you haven't seen it yet. Of course those about the AT mines are optional but i hope for the tanks to be done something (boosted {HP}) Less DMG by the RPGs on tanks or boost on Hp of the tanks > People would use other ways to destroy tanks and IFVs like "Hellfire". Maybe more RPGs and AT mines can be carried to individual? (+1or2) *Maybe it would be added option to choose how much rockets/mines/ammunition to be added on the solder (weight system) The back of T-72 there is little window, when it shoots a shell it opens to trow away the casing of the shell. It would be good polish if it's added in the game. I'm sorry if you don't understood me from my English(not native speaker).
  2. Ok so hear me out; Tanks right now are in a solid state, but I feel like it's not realistic. Driving a tank can feel overwhelming at times, too. I think this is mainly because you have to drive AND shoot the tank at the same time. If there was a separate driver and a separate gunner (just like the mobile spawn MRAP) it might be a lot less overwhelming and this of course rewards good teamplay. A practical reason is (in my experience) that when you get stuck you have to switch to 3rd person mode. All good and dandy, but not when you are trying to escape from a place full of triggerhappy RPG's. Also in 3rd person mode, there is no reticle to know where your shells are going to land. In the heat of the moment one might also forget to press ALT to stop the top from spinning and this would add unnecessary time to aim. A system like in Squad would work wonders, without the commander seat of course; one driver, one gunner and an optional third person on the RCWS gun (+ passengers).
  3. With tanks being worked on, I would like to suggest some things I would like to see. For stock tanks you get at the start of the rounds: 1) Smoke for stock tanks, maybe just 2 grenades, to help out with stealth and defending positions. 2) A secondary gunner, so that another teammate can help in attacking infantry, and getting rid of enemies that try to shoot at your back. Things that could be improved with tanks in general: 1) Repair station should be able to restock smoke grenades and machine gun ammo. You currently cannot reload machine guns on tanks, the number says for example 200, but when the reloading meter is done, you still have 0 ammo, and going to repair station doesn't help. 2) Give more smoke grenades to tanks, for example, 3 instead of 2, and make the duration for the smoke a bit longer, around a minute. I like where the tanks are going in terms of balance, they are kind of high risk-high reward, you can easily destroy them from the back if they a re not careful, but in the hands of an expert, they can dominate most of the objectives and allow teammates to capture effectively.
  4. Tanks are still very weak, an RPG Tandem can now 1 shot any tank in the game by simply firing at the back. Meanwhile, a tank shell can't even do that to another tank, so RPGs are seemingly broken against Tanks. You can play 15 minutes, get a fully pimped out ride, and watch it get blown up by some dude that was simply trolling you and hiding behind some cover until you drove by him and exposed your back, game over. Now, Timmy sugar tits is a weapon of mass destruction and every tank driver out there better watch out. Also, Tanks STILL do not reload the HMG rounds after 150 are used.
  5. The blast radius is unrealistic and is nerfed for tank shells. The MG stops working after 150 rounds, even if you reload or go to a repair station, it won't shoot any more rounds.
  6. Why is no one talking about this? Seeing an armored vehicle like a tank on the battlefield in this game is like witnessing a UFO. Pretty much every other item you can buy with battlepoints that are cheaper than the armored vehicles honestly end up being a better value. From my experience, I have waited entire rounds to save up for a tank (5000BP). I purchase the tank, get in it, I drive around for ~30 seconds looking for enemies to shoot. I don't see anyone, then I get hit with two RPGs from out of nowhere within 5 seconds and die. I could have spent those BPs on several UAVs and some Artillery strikes, which would have been far more useful. I really want to get to use some vehicles in this game, but they are both a rarity and of low value, yet high cost. In Battlefield 4, I have gone on kill streaks of 60 in LAVs, but in this game, LAVs are just big metal coffins on wheels. There is zero incentive to purchase armored vehicles in World War 3. Solution: In the next update, the BP cost to spawn armored vehicles should be dropped, and a second set of armored vehicles should be deployed at each team's base midway through the round (totaling 4 armored vehicles per team for the entire round. 2 at the start, and 2 at mid-game).
  7. Anyone else happy with it? That they don't outright destroy a tank, but deal around 80% to it? Should we find out the realistic damage and go with that? Another question is: Does anyone happen to know what a 10kg AT mine would do an Abrams or Leopard 2 in real life? I have not been able to find anything to indicate what amount of damage it would do to a tank. It would obviously blow a car entirely unrecognizable, and wreck a light-armored vehicle's tires and the axis, but beyond that I am not honestly quite sure.
  8. I'm just curious about the tanks included so far in the game. Was there something about T-90 that wasn't just suitable to fight against Leo 2 in the game? Leo is quite often updated vehicle after all, though far fewer in numbers produced compared to T-72. Or what exactly was the reason to not include T-90?
  9. For real? Why not add engineering gadget which allows repairing tanks and disarming AT mines? It may help to balance tanks for now.
  10. America (north and south) featuring M4 , and M1A2 abrams Middle east (Iran, Saudia, Israel) featuring also( T72,M1A2, Merkava mk4 tanks) (M-tar21 rifle) Asia chinese (Type 99 tanks) and QBZ 95 I would love some of the next maps Golan hights(Israel) Jerusalem (Israel) (features real tight CQB without much options for tanks) New York (USA) Yellowstone (USA) Sahara desert (Egypt)
  11. All vehicles deployed in the base should be locked to the player who spawned them , some troll took my tank and gave it to the enemy's team this should be mitigated because after you work hard for the points a troll comes by and ruins all the fun , thank you
  12. I See many players say that mines shouldnt be able to 1HK tanks in this game. they should only immobilize them and cause no damage. in my playtime however they are extremely powerful and mines is the hard counter to tanks. I really feel players should be mindful of thier surroundings and watch where they go. but i will be neutral and toss out some ideas of mines. say Tanks and mines have hitboxes like infantry and armor ok? if a tank runs over it partially and not directly underneath it, it will cause heavy damage but wont destroy the tank. say.. 65-70 damage instead of a killing blow? if someone runs underneath it, the entire hitbox of the mine will go off and completely destroy the tank. but that wouldnt be enough, the player would be able to get away to repair. so to balance this compromise, the tank need to be fully immobilized or move much slower than normal. (Thinking of Battlefield 1, 4 and 5). The Treads can also show damage and be an extra Vital spot for tanks. but only mines can damage it. (not rpgs bc people would aim for it 1st and exploit it, but for mines u cannot control where the impact will be. it will give players the chance to destroy a tank if it survives. Also We need to be able to spot mines, i cannot say if we can or not bc nobody uses them. some say anyone can disable mines though. but could we get the equipment class have the ability to disable mines? they arent seeing much use and needs some extra purpose in the field. feel free to disagree.
  13. It would be nice to see this MBT in world war 3.
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