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Found 14 results

  1. I would like to know when the ww3 Inventory will be available?
  2. Hey guys, As I've finished my end of school exams and haven't made up my mind about buying the latest COD yet, I thought I would write a fairly large suggestion that actually fleshes out what I was writing before. Warning - this post will have other sub-posts linked in it for navigation, so it is a bit of a read. "War Games" playlist Rather than the current system of having a TDM game mode for infantry only combat, I'm proposing a set of game modes that get rotated through using the same system as map rotation. Joining the game and moving between games All "War Games" modes are listed as "War Games" on the server browser, and the servers can rotate between them. They all have a 20 player capacity, and focus on fast paced and close quarters infantry combat. When a new server is instantiated/booted up, a random map, mode, configuration and weather (night or day) are chosen (more on these later). The games consist of three five minute rounds, meaning that it's really fast paced. At the end of each round, a new "configuration" is used of the map, and the weather switches (this is like TDM, where there is a night day cycle). As each game is only fifteen minutes, game play is fast paced, and serves as both a good warm up for people who want to do combined arms and a main game mode for those who prefer infantry combat. Each game mode exclusively uses the smaller sized TDM maps. Game mode 1 - Team Deathmatch Game mode 2 - Warzone Mini Game mode 3 - Capture the Flag Game mode 4 - King of the Hill Game mode 5 - Destruction If you guys have anything you want to discuss about the individual game modes, you should go to that post and comment there. I figure it is easier to split things up into smaller parts.
  3. A suggestion for a small improvement to Moscow TDM Blue - new walls Green - potential new pieces of cover The idea is to allow players who spawn on either main corner to push to the other along the outside of the building The wall of sandbags at the front of this picture would be removed, allowing access to the other end of the building and the archway entrance to the open centre This area would now be open on both sides, and some pieces of cover added to allow for firefights along this corridoor
  4. Hey guys, From my understanding of WW3 as it is, most of the new content is going to be angled towards using the larger maps with both Recon (not a leak right?) and Breakthrough, as well as the potential return of Warzone Large. Even though I am quite excited to see all this new content coming soon, I do have some worries. As of now, the AS/OC population in the game is tiny, and only reached a level that made full servers in the two weeks following the free weekend. In addition to this, I also know there are many players out there who do enjoy fast paced game modes, as well as others who prefer infantry only games. To support this smaller community, I suggest the addition of other small game modes for the TDM maps. This could allow for more diverse game play for a small group of players, but still be entertaining. Suggested game modes could be capture the flag, or king of the hill. I think that both of these probably won't require too many changes to code, but I might be wrong on that one. Thanks
  5. Hey guys, I was wondering whether TDM for the Smolensk and Polyarny maps is going to be in the game, and if so, at what time we may get them. Even though it took a while for TDM to be added to Berlin and Moscow, I haven't found anything that says whether all game modes would be on all maps, and, as such, I am unsure as to whether this will release. I think with the small playerbase that exists currently it is important to have gamemodes that allow for less players, however I understand that Breakthrough is probably higher priority there. Thanks, I think your game is great
  6. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): After the Warm-Up round or a normal round it is (sometimes) possible to shoot an kill other players while waiting for the countdown to spawn. I´m not sure if it is only on this spawn screen or at every spawn screen, with the difference, that the player model at the start of a round are at the same spot? Sometimes it seems like the Buttons on the interface (like class selection or gadget selection) are not able to be used, as you can see in the video. At the moment i shot, the only button i pressed was the left mousebutton. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3981881 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Play TDM. When you are at the spawn screen at the start of a round, just press the left mousebutton. The bug ist not constant and every time at this screen. I have not figured out any context yet. https://youtu.be/PXMjXp5JDmY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PXMjXp5JDmY&feature=youtu.be I have never uploaded something to youtube, I hope this works, if u wish i can send the file via WeTransfer or something.
  7. Akan

    16vs16 TDM

    Playing big maps is boring with a small number of players. TDM maps is a smaaall part of Warzone maps but they are still big.
  8. A lot of people wonder if there well be an option to start next TDM/WZ with the same team as finished one.
  9. OPIS BLEDU (wymagane: jeśli możliwe to zrzut ekranu lub filmik mile widziany): spawn bez amunicji której nie da się uzupełnić w broni drugorzędnej GAME BUILD ID (wymagane: przejdź do właściwości gry w bibliotece na aplikacji Steam potem skieruj się do plików lokalnych i w dolnym lewym rogu będziesz miał ID): ww3 PTE 3482214 KROKI DO POWTÓRZENIA BLEDU(wymagane): spawn zarówno na warzone jak i tdm SPECYFIKACJE SPRZĘTU (wymagane przy problemach z wydajnością gry): CRASH LOG (jeżeli wyskoczy Ci informacja z błędem wklej tutaj):
  10. The Team Death Match is at odds with the 'battlefield' feel that WW3 was about. That been an open world map, a true battlefield mode, with all the tech you see on a modern battlefield. As a sniper I see no benefit in TDM , as the game play is COD in nature. Please focus on Maps that have a true battlefield experience for us older players who are not COD kiddies :) Also allow Players to stay in game after the 'battlefield' map has finished , maybe a votemap system, for the next round. As an Aussie player trying to find 'battlefield' maps with enough players on for large gameplay is hard enough without been thrown back to the Warmap after the round as ended, and having to pot luck again with player numbers and ping. Keeping the players from the previous 'battlefield' map is a better option.
  11. A couple TDM improvements, other things what I have and only should be in TDM (like Minimap and Shot spotting) -TDM Minimap and Shot spotting were awesome because of orientation, that mates doesn't shoot you and some campers at the moment. They sit in dark corners or covered places where you can't see them really good. With the shot spotting on the minimap you can see were they are -At the moment we can't shoot through this fences at the most scaffoldings, where most campers sit, too and you can just hit them from open sites. -ADS Field of View (ADS FOV) that we can choose if we want the same FOV in ADS or not. I want my ADS FOV the same like my hipfire FOV or near to it - An Gameplay option what I asked 1 month ago and isn't still in the game -Soldier Crosshair (in Hipfire), why vehicles have it, but we Soldiers not? -That we can pick up Weapons or Ammo from enemies or team mates, too. - A complete TDM match should go which team what reached 100 Kills first. Like Day Warsaw first to 100 Kills finish and end. Then a new match on Night Warsaw to 100 Kills finish and end, not 4x50 Kills that ruins the gameflow I find. Or that we can choose on the war map if we wanna play the Day or Night Warsaw map. -Finally a Server Browser with filters etc. Matchmaking is awful in shootern. Then it weren't so problems to find a full server or a game mode what someone want to play and join in an empty server or wrong game mode like TDM if they wanted to play Warzone. Thanks for reading and I hope that at least the ADS Field of View find the way in this game soon.
  12. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): After one round of Team Death Match all Strikes are gone and I can not reconfigure them. On all loadouts, the Strikes are gone. During conquest I have no Strikes. I restarted the Game and Steam. Still the same. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3327628 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Play Team Death Match SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): Intel Core i7 6700K, GTX 1070, 16 GBytes Ram CRASH LOG (if any):
  13. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: It is possible to enter, and maintain fire from a non-accessible corridor over the main entrance of the Warsaw marketplace. GAME BUILD ID: 3320538
  14. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: Spawning on the SL, sometimes causes muffled sounds, except groaning when you slide. More evidence (unfortunately groaning is not included) in the vid GAME BUILD ID: 3320538
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