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  1. Hallo a friend and I love to play WW3, we joined i guess at a very early stage and never really abended the game, even in the hard times... but as we talk about the "new stuff" that were implemented in the game, we came to that point that the game is not heading in the direction of the beginning and what the dev original said what kind of game they want. World War 3 is a casual shooter, not hardcore, no mil sim. Has a casual and fast gameplay like BF3/4 but is way more in the detail in damage model, weapon handling, Armor and teamplay like no other shooters on the market. IT IS UNIQUE as it was earlier: damage model: skill based gameplay, you better you aim and the better you position that higher is your chance to win the fight damage is exact and on point net code is so extreme smooth and pretty weapon handling: at first sight you get overwhelmed by the things you can customize but after playing the a few rounds you will see that only a few weapons are good to go. Armor: decided how you want to act on the field if you want to tank and be support fighter or be fast and flank the enemy lines. teamplay: you must connect 2 flags to win the game it is necessary to have one guy in the squad with ammo/meds/equipment to get you squad running. drop a flying eye to keep the point clear and save work together to get the tank, disturb it, confuse it and then get him kills don’t matter, get the connection as it is right now: damage model: it is extreme casual cause the time to kill is insane high, first shoot gets the kill, no chance to avoid damage and no need of skill. damage is extremely inconsistent and at some point, just random weapon handling: at first sight you get overwhelmed by the things you can customize but after playing the a few rounds you will see that only a few weapons are good to go. (nothing changed) Armor: is now totally useless, Armor is just slowing you down. teamplay: 404 not found and not wanted it looks for me it is not necessary to have one guy in the squad with ammo/meds/equipment, because it is on every flag. you don’t need to make a flying eye just nuke them only cost 100 bucks more don’t need to work together to get the tank, just nuke it implementing a Helicopter that is not able to get a connection or support the team in any form. as you see I think the game is losing his soul, his heart, the core mechanics that makes it unique and not a normal copy of Battlefield 4. I am asking me the question am I playing it wrong when I play in team, because it looks for me the dev´s don’t want us to do so. Other question is the game heading in the direction the dev´s want their game or are they just pushing it to be more casual to get more and more players. Am i the only one of the veterans who think so? The game as it was, was exactly what I searched for, but nowadays I'm not sure if it still is and if it ever will be again....
  2. Hey wir sind zwei WW3 zocker @Fullback & @Erzkrieger mit sehr viel BF4 erfahrung und suchen 2-3 Leute für ein volles squad. Teamplay ist für uns das wichtigste, also wenn du es auch satt hast von random blue berries nicht gecovert zu werden dann kannst du gerne eine Runde mit uns zocken. zu finden sind wir hier : https://discord.gg/fpf4asf
  3. Hello, After playing the game for 4 hours: The game is bad but not that bad and can be great! The graphics are bad compared to big titles like BF I understand that this game is realistic so I won't say anything about the player movement, The weapons are great the recoil and everything, it feels real Big issues that can improve the game a lot: 1- The sound: the sound in the game is the most bad thing, you can hear enemies but you don't know where they are, the music is too low (even when you reduce the volume it is still bad), you can't hear your steps, the tank you hear it but you don't know where it is sometimes it's just next to you but you can't hear it 2- Point of interests: when I respawn I feel like I'm lost, I don't know which point I should go to, you don't know which point is the closest (till you point the weapon so you can see the distance underneath it with super small number). It would be much better if we can know which point is close you can make the closest point bigger... 3- Play with friends: it's so hard to invite a friend or join a friend even when you create a party please make it easier, because it takes about 20 minutes to be able to join a friend after he invited you and there is nothing saying you're joining your friend (like a small text or icon) 4- Respawn: we should be able to respawn on teammates not only on the leader, and we should be able to respawn on a point while is being taken because if a point is being taken it's like it's already taken! you can't respawn on it 5- Enemies are friends: add some visual effects or colors because it's hard to know if you saw an enemy or a friend they are almost identical 6- Custom weapon: in the game when you die you aren't able to change the weapon and you can't add different profiles, we should be able to change weapon in the game 7- Spotting: it takes time to spot enemies even big tanks 8- Disconnected after a game: each time a game end I get disconnected 9- Add autobalance in servers: when a team is loosing they start to leave and the teams became unbalanced 10- Crouch and Standing: Add an icon on the corner of the screen because most of the time we don't notice we still in crouch position! That's all what I can remember and for me they are very important, if you can improve these things believe me the game will go to another level!
  4. Zainspirowane BF2 którego nadal ubóstwiam. Możliwość zapraszania do drużyny graczy z innych drużyn (obecnie jedyny sposób na zapełnienie drużyny to osobiste dołączenie do niej) Możliwość zagłosowania za wykopaniem z funkcji obecnego dowódcy drużyny (gdy nie sprawdza się na swojej pozycji, nie wydaje racjonalnych rozkazów) Zgłaszanie prośby o wydanie rozkazu na konkretny punkt, w momencie gdy został już wydany rozkaz (dowódca widzi wtedy, że prosimy o rozkaz na konkretny punkt) Szybka możliwość odpowiedzi "tak", "nie" na zadane rozkazy (w bf2 działało to poprzez klawisze PgUp, PgDn) Kontekstowa prośba o gadżet w obrębie drużyny (zamiast wołać o użycie gadżetu na ikonie gracza, konkretna prośba pojawiająca się na ekranie każdego z drużyny "XYZ prosi o miny przeciwpancerne!") Ikony gadżetów, oraz ilość zdrowia na liście członków drużyny Zapraszam do dyskusji
  5. What would be great to have as a squad lead > Separate order and mark buttons. Sometimes i end up swapping team target while doing target callouts and it'll increase QoL when actively managing squad tasks (and using recon drone) > Objective selection cone. While the idea of "point exactly at point label and assign target" is great, doing so is not so great, greatly distracts from doing stuff esp when you don't exactly know where the center of the screen is (and going ads hides all objectives except current, good luck with that). So yeah, a bit bigger cone both for targetting and item interaction (go catch that small heli drone) would also increase QoL > More squad interaction. Quick orders? "Engage vehicle", "Rally up", "Attention %direction%", "Stay together", "Move to ...". Lack of in-game voice comms makes that kind of workaround mandatory > MAP INTERACTION (yes, caps, this one is important). Also relevant to previous ^ point. Just as i can assign objectives from map on deployment screen i want to do that from map in-game. Just so i make a command "attack a2" and not try to look directly at [a2] sign in 3d world. > Squad loadout item icons. Yes, the loadouts are up to my team, but if i can see on squad ui(which is there anyway) what they carry, i might as well work around their gear. Which icons? [Gadget], [grenade], [weapon types]. {ar/smg/shotgun/sniper/AT/pistol} Right now it's a big confusion. Do i have AT? Or any long range? eh... probably? + Assignning the point at which you are rn as a target is... looking in the air and trying to find the icon there. Just a poor choice of interactivity. Looking into the ground and pressing order button would be much better As a non-lead >Option to change lead, if there's no order in N minutes. Since many ppl just run and gun not even doing any lead-specific tasks. And forming another squad never works as people don't join. > Direction callouts same as for lead. "damn, there's something %direction%", as marking system doesn't bring attention, but rather just shows enemies if you have them on screen.
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