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Found 5 results

  1. Whats up everyone, I've followed the game for years but never got it. Thinking about getting it now. Or waiting until the new animation system? But either way... Is this game tactical, strategic AT ALL or is everyone just run and gunning mindlessly like chickens with their heads cut off. Be honest. Hows the teamwork too? I prefer people talking using some form of tactics once and a while, and strat... crouching, peaking, doing things properly or a least a little bit tactical mixed with some run and gun is good. Playing the objectives. Not too serious like ARMA 3 perhaps, but not too ridiculous like say COD and recently BF style of play. Is there really a point to get it over already having literally every Battlefield and tons of other games. What sets it apart really? If you prefer to chat on Discord hmu there. I run a fairly large community and am looking to potentially add WW3 to the games we play. Thanks in advance. Cheers!
  2. Hallo a friend and I love to play WW3, we joined i guess at a very early stage and never really abended the game, even in the hard times... but as we talk about the "new stuff" that were implemented in the game, we came to that point that the game is not heading in the direction of the beginning and what the dev original said what kind of game they want. World War 3 is a casual shooter, not hardcore, no mil sim. Has a casual and fast gameplay like BF3/4 but is way more in the detail in damage model, weapon handling, Armor and teamplay like no other shooters on the market. IT IS UNIQUE as it was earlier: damage model: skill based gameplay, you better you aim and the better you position that higher is your chance to win the fight damage is exact and on point net code is so extreme smooth and pretty weapon handling: at first sight you get overwhelmed by the things you can customize but after playing the a few rounds you will see that only a few weapons are good to go. Armor: decided how you want to act on the field if you want to tank and be support fighter or be fast and flank the enemy lines. teamplay: you must connect 2 flags to win the game it is necessary to have one guy in the squad with ammo/meds/equipment to get you squad running. drop a flying eye to keep the point clear and save work together to get the tank, disturb it, confuse it and then get him kills don’t matter, get the connection as it is right now: damage model: it is extreme casual cause the time to kill is insane high, first shoot gets the kill, no chance to avoid damage and no need of skill. damage is extremely inconsistent and at some point, just random weapon handling: at first sight you get overwhelmed by the things you can customize but after playing the a few rounds you will see that only a few weapons are good to go. (nothing changed) Armor: is now totally useless, Armor is just slowing you down. teamplay: 404 not found and not wanted it looks for me it is not necessary to have one guy in the squad with ammo/meds/equipment, because it is on every flag. you don’t need to make a flying eye just nuke them only cost 100 bucks more don’t need to work together to get the tank, just nuke it implementing a Helicopter that is not able to get a connection or support the team in any form. as you see I think the game is losing his soul, his heart, the core mechanics that makes it unique and not a normal copy of Battlefield 4. I am asking me the question am I playing it wrong when I play in team, because it looks for me the dev´s don’t want us to do so. Other question is the game heading in the direction the dev´s want their game or are they just pushing it to be more casual to get more and more players. Am i the only one of the veterans who think so? The game as it was, was exactly what I searched for, but nowadays I'm not sure if it still is and if it ever will be again....
  3. Hey guys, Have a suggestion for fixing some of the vehicle gameplay that I know has been discussed a lot. My idea is to allow vehicles to sustain track damage, so that a vehicle can be immobilised or slowed down. This improves gameplay for both the team with the vehicle and the team without. To fix a damaged track, I suggest a player would have to be on the side of the damaged track. (If this were to happen, then vehicle health should probably be increased a bit) For the team with the vehicle, the driver will be less inclined to harass infantry by itself. Usually when a player attacks a vehicle with an RPG and enough health gets taken off, the driver just speeds away, at a pace fast enough that even a loitering ammo has trouble catching up. Instead, the soldier can attack the tracks. If the tracks are damaged, then the vehicle moves slower, so the soldier has more time to take down the vehicle. This encourages the driver to work alongside other friendly infantry to help cover him as he gets out to repair the tracks, or shoot at the enemy so that he can drive away. As the team attacking the vehicle this is also a bonus. Land mines and C4 can now immobilise vehicles instead of destroying them outright, meaning players with explosives will be now encouraged to stand around and devise ambushes to take out the drivers doing repairs rather than leave land mines all over the map and hope through dumb luck that you'll get a kill from some unlucky guy driving over them. I'm just personally sick of watching the first few players in game grab the vehicles at spawn and terrorize everyone else until they get killed by a lucky land mine placement, and then just have enough BP to call in another vehicle anyway and continue harassing infantry players. Having track damage would at least help stop the reckless gameplay I see on the behalf of drivers who can basically roll over a squad of infantry without issue, and it would also help make vehicles more connected with team play mechanics.
  4. I propose we use this thread to add each other on steam and play some games together! I'll go first! https://steamcommunity.com/id/prunkdikachu/ If you're okay with other people adding you, drop your link here. Feel free to send me requests, I'm accepting all! See you on the battlefield! EDIT - If the link doesn't work just search my name, you'll know the one when you see. Prunk Dikachu is Prunk!
  5. Hey I have a discord for NA players looking for more players to fill our ranks. We have had consistently at least 3+ full squads(15 players) last couple nights with more people joining discord there has been even more activity . 120+ registered users on discord and increasing. Joining [RHI] is NOT mandatory and we are looking for team working fun people. Pm me on discord or add me our discord is https://discord.gg/EebueTN
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