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Found 5 results

  1. Can anyone tell me what kind of video settings will make the game very smooth? I play games on a Low-performance gaming laptop with MX150 that’s way below the average games’ system requirements and it lagged and was bugged so much the holy light is shining through my scope whenever I ADS.
  2. makrumsa1987


    Does this game in this phase of development have only a low and ultra texture to choose from? . Medium does not exist and is the same as low? on TD maps they load normally but on Wz they look like low and are set to medium
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG: When playing on Berlin in the underground area near C2, light cast down from the stairwell will remove weapon textures where the light rays impact. This was captured on stream: Video Evidence GAME BUILD ID: Will get when I get home. STEPS TO REPRODUCE: Play Berlin Medium with M416 and Mud camoflauge. Walk to C2 and go into the underground portion leading toward center of map. Stand in lightrays cast from stairwells leading outside. SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS : I7 6700k, GTX1080, 16GB DDR4 3000MHz, Samsung 850 Evo. CRASH LOG: N/A
  4. I already asked a dev on discord, but I think having a graphics setting that allows the user to apply higher detailed textures to only their weapon and characters and leave the environment textures low would be a huge addition for lower end PC users. Basically having all the customization stuff (weapons, camos, character models etc.) higher detailed textures while maintaining low environment textures would probably help ALOT with memory usage. I have a 3GB GTX1060 and 8GB RAM and I can't run anything higher than low textures without unplayable stuttering, I really like the customization and having the ability to actually see all the great options in high detail while still being able to play the game would help alot of us plebs that made poor PC part choices enjoy the game. it's something I wish PUBG added in and I think it would genuinely help make the game better. I just figured I'd post this here in the hopes the devs somehow see it. Obviously I could just upgrade my PC, and I will sooner or later but it's just been eating away at me that seemingly no FPS game has added this setting into their game so I thought I'd at least post it. Weapon/character models looks amazing and I hope to see them in HD someday
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