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Found 7 results

  1. A very game braking bug I've came across recently is in the safezone,or the spawn area of every map in Warzone. Basically this bug makes you repair the vehicle on the platform on a very certain position and angle.Before the platform worked more than fine as soon as you parked your vehicle on it,the vehicle would resupply and repair.However with this bug that action would only be done if you were on a specific spot on the platform,which is very weird and that position would always switch around. Re-entering the vehicle doesn't work,leaving it for a few seconds on the platform doesn't work and this is with all driveable vehicles in game,score streaks and standard spawn.It also happens on every warzone map,or well map with the repair and vehicles.I'm not sure when this bug began to appear but i know for a fact that before that the platform worked like intended and without issues.
  2. Hey guys, I have a suggestion for a bunch of things that would change vehicle game play, combining a few things that other people have suggested as well as one or two balances that could promote more teamwork. The main feature is the introduction of guided weapons that others have asked for, and this post is about other mechanics that could be introduced to make it more fun. The main guided missiles that people have suggested so far are the Stinger/Javelin handheld anti armour missile and the BMP missiles on the turret upgrade for the T-72. How I think guided weapons should work: 1. Getting a 'lock' on an enemy Getting a lock on an enemy requires the enemy vehicle to be spotted. This can be done by the operator or a teammate. The operator of the weapon must then hold the enemy vehicle within the crosshair of their weapon for 7 seconds (this could be balanced to other numbers depending on how it allows pilots/drivers to react), and this number goes down to four seconds if the vehicle is also being illuminated by an IR device (a link to that suggestion will be attached here when I finish it). 2. Firing Players can click to fire like any weapon as long as lock is maintained. Once the lock has been made, the enemy vehicle does not have to be marked or illuminated again until the weapon is fired or the lock is broken. 3. Missile in action Once a guided weapon has been fired, it should be difficult, if not nigh impossible to stop mid flight aside from either the target moving behind a non-destructible piece of cover or using one of the countermeasures I will outline below. The missile should deal a considerable amount of vehicle damage as it is more difficult to fire than an RPG or equivalent vehicle weapon. Stinger: Heavier than RPG Deals more damage Requires lock to fire BMP High point cost upgrade above base tank Powerful anti vehicle missile, requires lock Countermeasures: The enemy vehicle must be marked to acquire a lock. Therefore, deploying a jammer will stop all guided weapons working Enemies using IR illuminators to illuminate a vehicle can be seen if the driver activates their thermal vision, allowing them to be taken out Guided weapons are blocked by active APS and jam APS Seeing that the BMP turret is currently just a low calibre turret for the T-72 and the Heli Drone has been a massive salt mine for most players, I thought it would be worth writing a suggestion that would both satisfy these requests by players for a guided weapon and also further push vehicle play styles towards moving around cover so as to avoid missile lock rather than the more common "appear in the middle of a control point and hope for the best".
  3. DESCRIPTION OF BUG : For some vehicles, in some cases, IR adjust after activating it, making it really hard to see anything, everything blends together GAME BUILD ID : 4275060 STEPS TO REPRODUCE : It doesn't happen all the time, for example i haven't had the issue the last time i use the LEO tank with the same IR feature. I've attached a picture to show : left is immediately after activating it, right is a few seconds later.
  4. Hey guys, just thinking about the diversity of vehicle setups in the game right now, I think it would be great to add pintle-mounted guns (both LMGs and HMGs). For vehicle turrets where there could be an RCWS, it would be cool to see the option to instead place a pintle mounted gun. This would work by allowing the player to select an LMG or HMG (possible options being M240s, Pechenegs, MG5, KORD etc.) on such a turret for a lower price than the RCWS counterparts, with smaller vehicles perhaps having slots limited to LMGs. Players could then pick up this weapon while they are sitting out the turret by pressing '4'. At the moment, being in a tank without an RCWS is very dangerous, as you are open to fire from enemies. However, with a heavier weapon available, this might not be so dangerous. In addition, building the backend to allow for such attachments would allow for the addition of more interesting vehicle designs, as I have written before.
  5. I have previously said and heard from other players that a transport vehicle with just a little bit more oomph is needed, and as a proud Australian I am suggesting that the devs add the Land Rover Perentie 6*6 in SAS configuration into the game. The Perentie (in the Australian SAS configuration) comes in both 4*4 and 6*6 variants, although I would argue that the 6*6 would be a better suit. It fits one driver in the right hand seat, a gunner in the left hand seat that may crew a mounted LMG, and a rear compartment in the back that can carry another three squad members, with one able to man a pintle mounted heavy weapon, such as a heavy machine gun or grenade launcher. My suggestion is that the Perentie comes at a base cost of about 800 BP, having space for 5 players to fit in it and no mounted weapons. Because the Perentie has no proper armour plating on it, mounted weapons should be cheaper than their RCWS counterparts. Adding a light machine gun in the passenger seat should be enough to push it up to 900 BP (100BP upgrade). Maybe in the future these weapons will be able to be customised, but for now that is probably too difficult to do. Adding a heavy machine gun could be 200-300 BP, with a grenade launcher 300-500. Players should also be able to add either a health pack or ammo pack. Because it can fit a full squad of five in what would be a relatively cheap vehicle, the Perentie opens up the option for more mobile play for a squad (I think it can reach up to 80 km/h) without having the slow and potentially vulnerable larger vehicles. However, it still remains open to attack as it is quite light armoured and takes some time to accelerate, so it is no get out of jail free card.
  6. Ok i´m a bit late but had a lot to do in the meantime ? So i recorded the PTE to better report -> made post links to the 3 Matches/Vids (private links) They are from 0.1.1 so Thursday (German Timestamp) GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3288304 SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): RX580 -18.10.1, i7-6700k, 16 GB RAM, Win10 17134.345 Ok so here my list (if you prefer one Thread per Bug just let me know ) Customization Vehicle variant could not be loaded (or i dont understand it) -> Vid - Vid2 Customization Weapon - G29 clip wit 25rounds is invisible, also in game -> Vid - Vid2 - Vid3 Spotting hardly works on enemy vehicles -> Vid - Vid2 Vehicle Camera (should be fixed in 0.1.2, not tested yet) -> Vid - Vid2 - Vid3 - Vid4 Missing balustrade graphics, loaded later - second spawn same problem -> Vid - Vid2 Main Menu stuck in Winning Screen -> Vid Tank missing HP bar when near 0 HP -> Vid Also had a lot of problems to focus flags for squad orders if i was not close enough to the flag - Vid No Squad orders from Tank (also Squadmate steals my seat, i´m kinda upset^^) -> Vid Parking a Tank on top of dumpster? ... cant move Tank because no tracks on ground not really a bug but maybe not intended -> Vid Graphical glitched Soliders (jumping around) only killable with explosives -> Vid Hop it helps
  7. DESCRIPTION OF BUG (required: if the possible provide screenshots or video): You can cap C2 from the C1 area on the warsaw map. GAME BUILD ID (required: please go to the game's properties on Steam and find it under the local files tab at the bottom): 3250942 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): You can do this by getting there in a Wolverine and getting under the C2 cap zone.
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