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Found 18 results

  1. Halo home defence weapon Tavor TS12, by IWI Israel... That has to be one FUN shotgun to play with! Red
  2. Hi everyone! This is my first ever post on the forum. I wanted to share this suggestion from the moment I saw this gun. Anyway, without further ado let's get to it. [INTRODUCTION] HCAR (Heavy Counter Assault Rifle) is an updated, semi automatic modern version of the famous BAR chambered in .30-06. [GAMEPLAY STYLE] The gun would benefit in both precision and high damage. It would be a good choice for medium to long range encounters but it wouldn’t find itself usefull for CQB situations. It also wouldn't have much recoil and spread. When it comes to downsides I think that it should have a slow firerate and reload time and of course quite a bit of weight. [CUSTOMIZATION] The gun has lots of rails as you can see so it fits WW3 style perfectly MAGAZINES: -10, 15, 20, 30rd. HCAR box mags SIGHTS: -all primary and secondary sights optional LOWER: -only vertical grips and bipod available due to the fact that the underbarrel rail is so short BARRELS: -short 12’ -medium 16’ -long 20’ MUZZLE: -all muzzles optional SIDE: -all side mounts optional [BODYPARTS] It looks like the only changeable part of the gun is the stock but if you’re stubborn you could change the grip too and I think model designers could make some custom parts for the gun like they did with the g36. [CHARACHTERISTICS] WEIGHT: ~18-22 RECOIL: Similar to M417, mostly horizontal RATE OF FIRE: ~ 350-400rpm (keep in mind that it’s semi-auto only) SPREAD: 0,13 BULLETS TO KILL: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 3 / CER: 4 / STL: 4 DAMAGE: 90m - 45 damage, after 90m drops to 34 damage minimum giving it a 3 shot kill potential CALIBER: .30-06 MUZZLE VELOCITY: 820m/s RELOAD TIME: -10rnd. ~ 1,5s - 2,4s -15rnd. ~ 2,5s - 3,0s -20rnd. ~ 3,1s- 4,5s -30rnd. ~ 5,0s - 6,0s Thanks for reading and don't forget to upvote!
  3. Witam Chciałbym dodać małą propozycję zmiany modelu celowania broni krótkiej układ rąk trzymających wygląda nienaturalnie,chciałbym żeby odległość pistoletu była dalej niż jest aktualnie ponieważ to wygląda nietypowo,podczas strzelania z pistoletu ręce powinny być wyprostowane .
  4. First some info about the MP7: The MP7 is a submachine gun like weapon that fires a custom 4.6*30mm cartridge designed for better armour penetration in a lighter cartridge. It was built by H&K with the aim of fulfilling a NATO contract for a compact weapon system that can be used against modern adversaries in body armour while still in a small enough package to be manageable for artillery and vehicle crews. Because of disagreement over the contract winner between the MP7 and FN P90, neither weapon system was standardised across NATO, however many German security forces currently use this weapon system. How I think it should be implemented: Light weapon maybe slightly heavier than other current SMGs High damage drop off Works similarly well against different levels of armour in terms of BTK Fairly easy to shoot, however again heavier, damage drop off and some spread to make it impractical at any decent range Overall, beast at between 5 to 10 metre range, terrible past 20 when put against ARs Why the MP7 would make a useful addition to WW3: It fits in the same kind of general category of the submachine guns, of which there are only four right now Having a weapon that has a similar (not exactly the same) BTK over all armour types would potentially allow for changes to meta It could be a good replacement for ARs as a primary in sniper and AT loadouts, being overall weaker but lighter It looks cool (I mean why not) It would have a different 'feel' when shooting compared to other weapons, and having new weapons to master is a great challenge It has enough rails and different handguard variations to be fun to customise I was inspired to write this because I actually had the game glitch once and say I had MP7 in loadout. I didn't say anything because I assumed it would be added soon after but it wasn't, so here we go.
  5. It would be cool to see the Ak5 C or AK5 D getting added to the assult rifles in the game.
  6. i just bought an silencer for a light machine gun, but the sound was still the same ingame!
  7. the optic part slides off the base when not ADS.
  8. First off, the Devs are doing a fantastic job with the whole idea of customization within the game. Although there are some things I would like to see... The first and biggest one for me personally, is the ability to put my weapon attachments where I want them on the primary. Extended rails are already in the game, which is great, but I would like to position my laser/flashlight where I would like it. For example, the "Peq/DBAL" laser would "skinny" up the Scar by placing it on the top rail. This has many benefits which are also used IRL. This would be HUGE for WW3 and definitely separate it from the crowd. Next would be the fact that no American weapons/attachments are in the game. As a gun-totin' American, I would love nothing more than to use my actual setup. With Trijicon ACOG and all. Don't forget about the Chevron Crosshair;) I understand the M4 is on the way, but you are missing many other American firearms (M110, Barrett, M9, Remington 700, Rocket Launchers, etc) Some in game enhancements would be weapon zoom. The ONLY part that should be zoomed when I aim in, is the scope/optic. The peripherals should not be zoomed as well. With the ability to change where the optic sits on the rifle, should affect how it looks when you aim in (more/less peripheral vision). The only game play change I would like to see is the inclusion of NVG (Night vision goggles) for use. A completely blacked out map would be BALLER with night vision. The DBAL laser and many of the optics in game are night vision compatible IRL. At the moment I am not worried about in-game bugs, because those will be worked out with time. I would really like to see a focus on the ability to turn a firearm into anything that the player would like. Having a big ol' laser off the side of the gun is something I would like to see changed. I do not think these changes would impact game play that much, but rather increase user satisfaction. Best, Doof V
  9. So, when I select another weapon, and then, try to load the config of my weapons, nothing happens. I've got a little video, but can't uploading for the limit of MB
  10. I have played loads of matches with different loadouts, gadgets and weapons. To my surprise most weapons seem pretty evenly balanced. I felt like i could totally choose my own preferred weapon without being punished for that choice. It doesn`t matter if using Shotguns, Assault rifles or Semi automatic rifles. It is a little bit annoying to get a TOR in the knee and just fly 30 meters high in the air like i would have been hit from a tank, but considering that it`s a very heavy weapon and therefor probably the main class of that player it`s okay. There is plenty of cover and smoke grenades to play against it. Personally i feel like the power of certain automatic rifles can compete with the speed of others and i was quite enjoying to use different weapons actually. I did play a little bit of sniper, but that`s not really my preferred way to go. However the other sniper rifles did feel like they can match the TOR, especially usefully is the light sniper rifle as a secondary weapon and a light assault rifle as primary weapon. What i didn`t like is the light machine guns. I think the damage output is okay, it`s not too weak and not too strong. The main thing with these guys is that you kind of have a role in the match, which you usually can`t play. There is to many obstacles, to much this, not enough of that. I mean when you are inside a building you don`t exactly want to lie down on the floor so you can shoot people, but if you don`t the recoil is so bad that you can`t hit a damn thing even when it`s directly in front of you. On short distances it`s a killer (if you can lie down), on medium to long distances it`s a great supportive weapon for your team. The main problem is, that you can not use it on areas where you would be needed the most. The Bullpup in particular seems okay to be carried around, but can not quite compete with assault rifles or semi automatic rifles, even when the ammunition type is equal to the ammunition of other assault rifles. In close combat it`s pretty much the other way around, where you have the handling to simply walk into a room and blast away everything you see, where sometimes you`re thinking man this weapon is ridiculous. The other LMG`s can not be carried around like that but have a greater range that most of the time you can not take advantage of. I`m not quite sure what to suggest here. As mentioned before it doesn`t seem like they totally out-power other weapons, it`s more or less that only 1 LMG can reliably brought into the fight (i do know that people play other LMG`s with great success, don`t panic). I had some extremely funny and great moments, where i was lying down with one of the LMG`s and i killed multiple people in a row, but quickly died due to the fact that i couldn`t really move or take cover, but that`s rather rare. I would like to know the opinion of other people. I mean particularly using it, not getting shot by it (as i totally understand that`s rather negative).
  11. There is not much to write to this, so i`ll just as the question: Does the Weight of weapon have impact on the recoil? Like for example will a lighter weapon have less recoil then a heavy weapon? (besides the weapon statistics of recoil)
  12. DESCRIPTION OF BUG While i was playing my weapon changed to another. I attached a screenshot. GAME BUILD ID: 3280991 STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): Dunno, first time happened SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): PotatoPC CRASH LOG (if any): None
  13. After almost a hundred hrs playing this game i realize some how i want to be some thing to protect my teamates when we attacking the objective, so i wanna be an shield for my teamates so i hope some day i will have an shield and an pistol to cover up my teamates Second thing i want is an underbarrel shotgun also for attacking objective such as C1 in red square , the gun with underbarrel shotgun will be more recoil but i accepted it, the gun will look cooler and more tactical gunplay that’s all i want
  14. in real life, machine guns are more effective suppressing the infantry, while in ww3, there's really no one using a machine gun. i do think that a machine gun should be taken care by a sniper, rather than a gunner. and thus making smokes more useful, making snipers less OP for they have more specific targets to deal with. PS: I didn't mean that the game is necessary to be 110% realistic, I just don't want LMG to be something like an SMG with more bullets, it should play a role as a suppressing weapon at long range, not something like an AR or SMG that you can carry and rush into buildings. e.g. CSGO, people hardly use LMG for the recoil is too big, trajectory uncontrollable, and not effective at long range. that's what I am trying to say.
  15. Why is thet whan I empty either of the pistols that the slide doen´t lock back to the rear? this really bugs me I just need to know if this is going to get fixed/change. its not posible to fire a gun if its not cocked.
  16. Me and @DarkEmpire have prepared for you a comparison table - damage from vehicles and weapon https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1oOMY3cbRI0tZPrA9jpNIdUxG5UDIGG1RHIpckIMlVVk/edit?usp=sharing
  17. What we are missing here is some under attachments like grenade/smoke laucher , under barrel shotgun, and of course the thing almost useless but it it’s look cool yeah an bayonet
  18. h0wn

    Best weapon?

    Whats the best weapon in your opinion in each class (LMG, Sniper, Rifle, Pistol...)?
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