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[feature] [vehicles] Detracking tanks, but harder to destroy

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Right now tanks move across the battlefield like it's nobody's business, but if tanks could get tracked by RPG's or other explosives (i.e. Suicide drone) the people using the tanks would have to think twice about where they are going to move, because at any moment they could get stuck and have to repair the tracks as soon as it's safe to do so.

A trade off for this would be to make tanks a little sturdier and not a 2 shot (tandem) kill once it's down on its knees... tracks? 
Of course a tank could still turn and stuff, driving forward only powers one side and makes the tank turn left or right, depending on which side is detracked. Opposite for driving backwards. Moving / turning would go slower (~half speed) because it's only powered by one track.


I think this feature would force a little bit more teamwork and infantry support when it comes to tanks and other armor support, because right now tanks are lone wolfs and so are the infantry. Nobody looks at each others backs.

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