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TSA Tournament

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This one is pretty straight forward!
Squads will be randomly assigned the day of the event - The squad with the best total squad score at the end of four full games will each win $25 steam gift cards!
Take the next week practicing being the best squad mate or leader that you can be - and see if it all pays off in the end! 

Link to TSA discord - https://discord.gg/j67fAmP

Points will be tallied off the total combined squad score of all four games!
Sign ups will be on the TSA discord as it is easiest to ping and communicate there
Any questions can be answered easiest on the TSA server! 
Important note - This event will take place on the NA servers! You sign up on the TSA discord - not the forum! 

Squad leader 1 - [TSA] Skizix
Squad leader 2 - [TSA] RiceLightning
Squad leader 3 - xIWaRcRiMeSIxᵀˢᴬ
Squad leader 4 - RoKeR420
Squad leader 5 -

Unassigned players
[GT] TactiGamer
[TSA] AIDSMosquito
(TSA) C_Klein
{TSA} LazerShlong
{ TSA } 1dead
rTr capnh00k


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Will try to make it, ill bring my 'wallhack prunk' hahaha :)



Just to be clear its a joke between me and Prunk I dont really have one.. just incase lol

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4am for me... Well, not sure if i can bring my hacks :(

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