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[NA]Tactical Ass Kicking Fun

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Looking for tactical  players that will use coms and play well together as a team or Players that would like another member.  Being Organized and running Military Tactical  playing styles with at least 5 or more  people is a lot better than unorganized crazy Rambo commando chaos. Send me a message if  you think it would be more immersive and fun playing that  way or throw some peer pressure at me and I'll give into it and join a squad or platoon. lolzzzz

I use a tochnost [sniper] and M17 for the most part. Claymore mines, impact grenades. I'm thinking of buying the Scar that's a big maybe. I've partially upgraded a tank but it really doesn't make a difference because I hardly use the vehicles in the game.  The super weird pricing in the game doesn't help 10000 for gloves or 10000 for countermeasures on a tank? Taking off your helmet is 10000 for some strange reason.  Anyway get back to me whenever I have steam and the game now comes with coms. I also have discord.   ? ☠️ ?‍☠️



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