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Bugged semtex when sticked to the vertical surfaces.

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When u stick both C4 and Semtex grenades to vertical surface, doesn't matter what kind it is, it wouldn't react to explosives. Only when there is no space between C4 and semtex grenades, grenade would trigger the C4. If there is more than 10-15cm - no explosives would trigger C4 or semtex grenades. 


When C4 is sticked to vertical surfaces - explosions on the horizontal surfaces wouldn't trigger it. When C4 is lying on the ground, explosion near would trigger it. But there is 1 wall, where C4 is working as it is(supposedly?) intended. Explosions near it - force C4 to detonate. And funny thing, on the wall that is next to "proper" wall, there is untriggered C4. Dunno, would it help to distinguish the difference, but still. Berlin TDM map.



Only direct hits would force C4 to detonate. Tank cannon, RPG, etc. I think they should "hit" the radiodetonator to force C4 to explode, like u can do it with handheld guns. Otherwise C4 literally DGAF.


Checked on both Live and PTE versions.


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