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[Weapon] Weapons that could enhance WW3 - Battle Rifles | BREN 2 BR


Hey Folks

With the poll having closed in the Zastava M17 post of mine, the final vote was a tie between Submachine Guns and Battle Rifles. I did a 2 out of 3 spin of the wheel between SMGs & BRs and the Battle Rifle vote came out on top which is why I'm covering Battle Rifles this time around. However, I won't do a poll vote this time because Submachine Guns only lost in the tiebreaker and I felt it would be more fair to cover one of them next instead of doing a whole new vote. For some reason I was having a problem editing the Zastava post where I was going to host the result, not sure what the issue was, and really I'm not at all worried about it. More than one way to skin a cat as the saying goes. Anyways! Today I will be covering the CZ BREN 2 BR, a newer modern Battle Rifle out of the Czech Republic and it's CZ firearms manufacturer.

If you wish to read other Suggestion posts I have made, click the link below. Otherwise, lets get started with the BREN 2 BR


Dunabar's "Master Suggestion Post Archive"


Contents of this post

  • Section 1 - The BREN 2 BR - Real life information behind the BREN 2 BR
  • Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons - Comparing stats between current in-game BRs and suggested BR with the BREN 2 BR.
  • Section 3 - Special Features - Special features I think the BREN 2 BR should have
  • Section 4 - Customization - Customization options I think the BREN 2 BR should have


Section 1 - The BREN 2 BR



Introduction & Demonstration Videos of the BREN 2 BR.

Extra Information sources

Fresh out of the Czech Republic firing the larger 7.62x51mm NATO caliber ammunition and the 2nd generation variant of the BREN Rifles. The BREN 2 BR (BR of course being short for Battle Rifle) is a lightweight Battle Rifle weighing in at 3,80 kg or 8.3 lb, which is heavier than the SCAR MK17 (SCAR-H or Heavy if you will), but just a little lighter than that of the HK417 depending configurations. However, the BREN 2 BR comes standard with a 25 round magazine (26 counting 1 in the chamber) unlike the SCAR MK17 & HK417 that only hold 20 rounds in their standard magazines, and high accuracy in both it's single fire mode and fully automatic fire mode in short bursts.

So if the gun was to be added to the game, what playstyle would the gun favor, and most importantly where exactly would it stand when compared to the SCAR-H & M417?


Section 2 - Favored Playstyle & Stat Comparisons

In terms of playstyle, the BREN 2 BR should basically be the exact opposite of the M417. What do I mean by this? Well, if the SCAR-H was considered the "middle of the field" Battle Rifle and the M417 was considered the more medium to long range favored Battle Rifle. Then the BREN 2 BR would be the more close to medium range favored Battle Rifle, lending itself more to those that prefer to aggressively rush the enemy instead of sitting back to pick them off. This doesn't mean the BREN 2 BR should be terrible at long range of course (that would be uncharacteristic of it), rather it means the BREN BR 2 would need a more dedicated build for longer range engagements.

Luckily when it comes to stat comparison this will be a lot quicker since there are only two other Battle Rifles to compare with.

  • Green - The gun is better compared to this weapon's stats on the list.
  • Yellow - The gun is equal or competitive compared to this weapon's stats on the list.
  • Red - The gun is worse compared to this weapon's stats on the list.

Please note:  Once again, I cannot test these stats to confirm balance, so think of these as more of a proposed starting place for testing on the PTE, and I'm comparing the stats of the weapons from a stock design against another stock design without taking customization into consideration. This is primarily to help keep the post small and keep what little sanity I have left in me.

BREN 2 BR proposed and compared stats.

  • BREN 2 BR Effective ranges: 105m (40 damage.) Damage decreases at 106m - 135m (32 damage)
    • SCAR-H: 0 - 105m (40 damage.) Damage decreases at 106m - 135m (32 damage)
    • M417: 0 - 105m (40 damage.) Damage decreases at 106m - 135m (32 damage)
    • (S) ASh-12: 0 - 35m (55 damage.) Damage decreases at 36m - 135m (38 damage)
  • BREN 2 BR Weight: 17.9
    • SCAR-H: 17.6
    • M417: 18.3
    • (S) ASh-12: 25.0
  • BREN 2 BR Recoil: 0.87
    • SCAR-H: 0.92
    • M417: 0.95
    • (S) ASh-12: 0.98
  • BREN 2 BR Spread: 0.22
    • SCAR-H: 0.2
    • M417: 0.14
    • (S) ASh-12: 0.28
  • BREN 2 BR Reload time: 4.8 Seconds
    • SCAR-H: 4.0 Seconds
    • M417: 1.0 Seconds
    • (S) ASh-12: 4.8 Seconds
  • BREN 2 BR Rate of Fire: 620 RPMs
    • SCAR-H: 525 RPMs
    • M417: 430 RPMs
    • (S) ASh-12: 600 RPMs
  • BREN 2 BR Caliber: 7,62x51mm
    • SCAR-H: 7,62x51mm
    • M417: 7,62x51mm
    • (S) ASh-12: 12.7x55mm
  • BREN 2 BR Muzzle Velocity: 680 m/s
    • SCAR-H: 714 m/s
    • M417: 817 m/s
    • (S) ASh-12: 290 m/s
  • BREN 2 BR Bullets to Kill: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 4 / STL: 5
    • SCAR-H: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 4 / STL: 5
    • M417: HDPE: 3 / PTLN: 4 / Cer: 4 / STL: 5
    • (S) ASh-12: HDPE: 2 / PTLN: 2 / Cer: 2 / STL: 3

With this out of the way we move on to special features.


Section 3 - Special Features

This will actually be short since there isn't much that really needs to be said.

  • Standard 25 round Magazine - The BREN 2 BR should have the in-game standard 20 round Magazine replaced with it's real life standard 25 round magazine.
  • Exceptional Short Burst accuracy - Unlike the SCAR & M417, I think the BREN 2 BR should experience a much more gradual climb in recoil in it's first two to three shots. But then experience a much more notable climb come the third or fourth shot. This would help mimic that high, short burst accuracy that is characteristic to the BREN BR 2, and in turn encourage players to learn to burst fire more consistently without actually having burst fire mode.


Section 4 - Customization

Now this part will be rather quick since I don't plan to go over stats or anything. Just a quick mention of what the BREN 2 BR should & should not have access to (in my opinion) when it comes to customization options.

  • Primary Sights
    • All Sights optional
  • Secondary Sights
    • All Sights optional
  • Barrels
    • All Barrels optional
  • Muzzles
    • All Muzzles optional
  • Lower
    • All Lowers optional
  • Side
    • All side mounts optional
  • Magazines
    • 10 Round Magazines
    • 25 Round Magazines
  • Ammunition
    • All (Gun) Ammunition Types optional

New Bodyparts that could come with BREN 2 BR along with it's stock parts. Plenty of room for the Devs to stretch their legs and get creative as a Battle Rifle is just a scaled up Assault Rifle.

And with that we bring this post to an end. I was very pleasantly surprised to stumble across the BREN 2 BR, especially since when I covered Battle Rifles in my old "Guns that could enhance WW3" series, I had an absolute nightmare of a time actually finding Battle Rifles that did anything or were anything meaningfully different from other Battle Rifles that could be translated over into WW3. I mean I was stretching differences when I should have still been finding variety to suggest, but there just wasn't anything really there that really stood out. So, while I am going to be revisiting that nightmare once more obviously, I can at least say the BREN 2 BR made the start of the path very easy to approach.

Hope you at the very least like the idea of seeing the BREN 2 BR in game (even if maybe in a different form than what I suggested), lord knows we could use some more Battle Rifles to play with at some point. But, If you did indeed like the idea of the BREN 2 BR, hit that up vote so we can further encourage the developers to add more toys for us to play with in WW3!

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