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Are you a pretty chill person looking for a gaming group?  Well, join the only gaming group that matters, [TSA] - Trash Squad Association - We offer a great place to hangout and play games (no drama,  no BS,  just fun). We vet our applicants so if you're interested, please contact Prunk or any of the TSA members for more information.

From Our Founder (PRUNK):

I'd like to take a moment of your time to discuss TSA and our new requirements for joining! 

First and foremost - You must be 18+ to officially join. We're not going to dig too deep into this so it doesn't become a hassle - but if we think you're underage, we may ask you to verify.

Secondly - Applications will be done on a voucher system. If you would like to join - you must have three current and active members of TSA vouch for you. I'd like to keep us a community that moderates itself - so whoever vouches for you will be the first people that talk to you if you start to fuck up. They might even be the ones who decide to have you removed from the clan. So keep that in mind before you vouch for someone and keep it in mind before you ask someone to vouch for you. 


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Hello, we spoke on the Steam Forums on another topic. I would like to apply, how can I go about doing that? I added you as a friend on steam under the same name. Thanks

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