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[Feature] Little rework of CP capturing system.


There is 1 thing that is IMO wrong with current capturing system.

Once captured CP is counted as "yours" all the time until it's been recaptured by enemies. Even if the stripe is 90% filled by enemies once they are killed - CP is all urs and u can spawn on it. Like on pic below.




There were 2 guys that were capturing this CP for almost 1 minute. And what, after they were killed all their efforts were wasted. Because all the time that will be required for them to move from A2 to A1 will be used by my team to remove that red stripe. And we should take into account that my teammates all this time can spawn on it.

And the CP being counted as "yours" all the time until it's fully captured by enemies would lead to some inadequate, again IMO, situations. Look at the pic below. Who do u think is dominating on the map this moment? Red or Blue? For me it's definitely Red. They control 1 CP and are capturing 3 CPs. In comparison with 1CP being hold and 1 being captured by the Blues. 



And what we would see almost 1 minute later? Red team almost has captured CPs. But look at the teamscoore. All this time, even though Red team was controlling 2/3 of the map teamscore was increasing for the Blue team. 39:08 - 394 BPs. 38:25 - 481. Pretty fair, yes? And this is what I don't like with the the current system of controlling CPs. There was situation when ALL our 6 CPs were being captured by enemies. We've gained almost 300 BPs while controlling 0 CPs but they were "ours"...





My suggestion is:

Make it like it was in BF. When the CP is captured by 50% it becomes NEUTRAL. Noone can spawn on it until it's captured.

IMO it would reduce available spawnpoints, increase the value of the CPs holding, reduce chaotic running and force ppl to stick together.

And yes, I have selfish interest in this. Sometimes I, even though I was attacking CP solo, would kill up to 3-4 enemies, go in and start capturing the CP. Solo... Sometimes I even repel 1 or 2 attacks. Solo... And when the capturing is completed up to 80-90% I'm finally killed. I was awesome for almost minute. I demand reward for this awesomeness of mine. CP being neutral would be enough for me. What is sad is that all this solo awesomeness is sometimes happening when my squad is full...


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