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PTE 0.7 Patch Notes

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Finally! We’ve got a 0.7 build that is stable enough and without critical issues, so we can start testing it. Bear in mind, that this is just after switching engine versions and rewriting how our netcode works (more information here), so expect it to crash a lot and to have bugs. The list of known issues is going to be shortened very soon, we’ve just added it so you don’t waste time on reporting bugs we’re already fixing.

We’ve got a lot of work to do to get 0.7 to a state that is playable enough to push to Live servers, so everyone that can should help us test this version, especially over the weekend. We’re going to gather a lot of data and we will also be playing to make sure all big issues are fixed next week and only smaller problems are left to iron out.

Thanks for being patient, but this change was the biggest one since 0.3, and we want to make absolutely sure that it will be at least as stable as 0.6, and preferably more.

Engine update doesn’t come with a lot of content, but it will let us improve the game a lot more in the long run.

Now, as for what is in the update, we’re adding daily challenges! It’s still a bit rough, but that’s why we have PTE. You can complete challenges every day and get rewards for them.

There’s also new lighting. It’s a lot more realistic and eye adaptation works properly now, but it might need tweaking. Let us know how you like it and what we should change.

We’ve also added new VOIP system, because the old one was not good enough. This is also something we need as much feedback on as possible.

As usual, send us your crash reports and make sure to leave your feedback on the forums, so we can get to it easily and plan changes accordingly.

Thanks for playing!

PTE 0.7 Patch Notes


  • Crahsing - set 'Meshes' to LOW to make this less frequent,
  • Packs (Ammo/Health/Equipment) randomly don’t spawn when tossed,
  • UAVs mark dead enemies,
  • Markers show up late sometimes,
  • Players drop copies of their weapon at random,
  • Taking leader by requesting orders is not working,
  • Grenades spawn to the left of the camera,
  • It takes a second to load the weapon into player hands,
  • Crashing and performance issues,
  • No Berlin TDM or Warzone for now (map issues),


  • Daily Challenges added - this is still an early version!,
  • New VOIP system [Default: hold “~” (tilde - next to 1)],
  • New Unreal Engine version - 4.21,
  • Replication Graph implemented,
  • New lighting,
  • New KIll Screen,
  • New Vehicle HUDs - still Work in Progress,
  • Sight profile preview in the menu - you don't have to play inside a match to see how it looks,


  • Changed FPS counter to ON/OFF from Toggle (it will also persist between play sessions),
  • Added VAB - a Mobile Spawn Point variant, so it’s different for each team,
  • Added synchronization status on loading screen for debug purposes,
  • Added location debug info on screen for better bug reporting (community suggestion),
  • Added Vehicle Kill Assist (community suggestion),
  • New Equipment meshes for UGVs,
  • Added smoke for damaged vehicles, now every vehicle except Mini UGV and Mini Drone will smoke when HP is critical,
  • A lot of adjustments and improvements,
  • Per attachment camos now have icons,


  • Increased Heli Drone Rockets Battlepoints cost,
  • Decreased Heli Drone HP (600 to 450) - now it’s 1 tandem RPG hit,
  • Decreased Heli Drone rocket PODs' ammo capacity,
  • Vehicles speed, acceleration, turning and HP rebalance - now the differences between vehicles are more noticeable,
  • Attachment prices have been adjusted to better fit the progression system,
  • Attachment modifiers have been reworked to better reflect differences between individual attachments,
  • Weight difference between barrels of different lengths has been increased,
  • Weight difference between magazines of different capacity has been increased,
  • Additional changes coming soon, including a horizontal recoil multiplier on grips,
  • Moved resupply packs to between capture points,


  • Fixed shooting between rounds on TDM,
  • Fixed rebinding X button,
  • Fixed default ammo for all turrets - there should not be a situation where tank has only 1 shell,
  • Fixed direction prioritization when exiting a vehicle,
  • Hundreds of other bugfixes.
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