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PTE 0.7.1 Patch Notes

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    Just a quick one before the weekend. One information: if you experience crashing a lot, try lowering down Meshes in the Settings. The most "popular" crash is related to LOD loading, which is not happening as often on lower settings. It shouldn't impact game looks a lot, just lower memory usage (it uses lower quality models for objects).

    PTE 0.7.1 Patch Notes


    • Reduced dropped weapon lifespan to 30 seconds,
    • Added an array for always loaded assets - for making sure markers are always loaded,
    • Added counting vehicle shots fired and hit to statistics,


    • Fixed taking leader by requesting orders,
    • Fixed UAVs marking dead bodies,
    • Fixed not displaying statistics during first launch,
    • Fixed disappearing bushes on Berlin,
    • Rebaked destropacks on Berlin,
    • Fixed exploit points,
    • Removed not ready / unnecessary items,
    • Fixed bug with relational challenge events.
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