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[Armor] More than only chest plate


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Month ago, I wrote, that TTK in WW3 is random and it's not only my opinion. The origin of this issue is very small square, that protects body armor. So, bullets fly into your guts, and SOMETIMES, in chest plate with suddenly increasing of TTK.


Light armor, like Polyethylene and Titanium ( why we have 2 Polyethylene plates at the moment? HDPE is either polyethylene) shoult have two plates: chest and back. Gutshots are still in, but if your wear police-civilian light armor on the battlefield, you'll have some problems.


Heavy body armor (like 6B43 on picture above) have 5 armor plates: chest, back, groin, and two side. So Ceramic and Steel armor should work this way.

At least, we have same mechanic in the game now, but for vehicles. First is the outer armor is destroyed (with some minor penetration), and after - the body.

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I was too lazy to repeat my old theme about vests with groin area defence so let this be a substitution. Voted Yes.

Another question is how much work would require the rework of the existing models with adding of all the new armor plates.

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