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PTE 0.7.2 Patch Notes

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This update is aimed mostly at stability, but we improved some things and fixed a few bugs as well. We've also added more community emblems to the game, available only from a code obtained from the creator / clan. You will have to reapply this code again on Live servers once 0.7 gets there. For safety, don't redeem codes on Live before it happens, it might break your profile.

From the gameplay side, we've figured out a way to keep shadows working in dark areas so people don't get an unfair advantage by running low shadows. We did it this way earlier to make lower end GPUs work in WW3 and have better performance at the cost of fairness, but we never intended it to be left this way, and with current performance improvements, we figured that it's time. That said, this change is coupled with disabling per object shadows on low and medium settings to offset the performance hit. In our testing the difference is less than 1fps on low end machines and on both AMD and NVIDIA GPUs, but that needs further testing on different machines.

So in short, you will loose shadows on your character, but they will look better overall, there will no longer be an advantage when running low shadows and it won't impact performance noticeably.

We've also added a long awaited map rotation to the game. Now every time you end a match, all players that are left in the game are queued for another game of the same game mode, but different map. The system first looks for a game that is not empty, to fill it up, but if the number of players looking is bigger than the number of free slots, it will push everyone to a new, empty game.

PTE 0.7.2 Patch Notes


  • Grenades can get desynchronized between server and client and land in different spots,
  • Ammo/Health/Equipment packs still can disappear,


  • Added a few Community arm patches (hidden by default),


  • Changed low shadow settings to remove glowing characters and vehicles in dark areas and improve their quality,
  • Added map rotation to the ending of the game,


  • Decreased replication rate for own equipment and capture points,
  • Slowed down with player state replication,
  • Added dormancy for support capture points,


  • Attempted fix for LOD switching related bug that causes ~95% of all crashes (needs confirmation),
  • Voice chat - speaker icon for local talker,
  • BCV and VAB speed and acceleration,
  • Laser dot don't stay on the surface after character death,
  • Fixed rerolling challenges duplicating them,
  • Fixed grenade offset on start of local grenade simulation interpolation,
  • Increased gadgets starvation priority, and lowered relevancy distance,
  • Fixed Moscow loading screen misaligned throbber,
  • Fixed audio engine crash on Berlin TDM,
  • Fixed collision for RPGs on Berlin TDM,
  • Fixed disappearing bushes on Berlin,
  • Fixed some exploit points on Berlin TDM,
  • Fixed broken/dissapearing destroy packs on Berlin TDM,
  • Other minor fixes.
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