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PTE 0.7.3 Patch Notes

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Another one! This one has a lot of bugfixes and we hope that it will make the game a bit more fun. We're still working on fixing some of the most annoying bugs for 0.7, but overall it's coming along nicely.

We've also added new challenges - let us know if they work and if some of them are too annoying to complete!

Important: Warsaw Warzone will be unavailable in 0.7.3 due to lighting errors, but it won't impact testing and would push patch back if we were to fix it!

PTE 0.7.3 Patch Notes


  • Warsaw is missing from the Warzone playlist,
  • There is still some grenade desync,
  • White box instead of hit data texture,
  • Spawning on MSP's can result in getting stuck,
  • JDAM strike has the upcoming napalm particles,
  • Resupply packs are still disappearing sometimes,
  • Shotguns are OP,
  • Some vehicle HUD bugs are present,


  • Switching a weapon by picking it up sometimes triggers a gunshot,
  • Fixed a crash related to Audio Components,
  • Crash fix for FSlateApplication::ForEachUser(),
  • Changed replication priorites and merged replication graph priorites,
  • Fixed DistanceRelevantCharacter replication issue,
  • Fixed vehicle HUDs drawing on top of Quick Map,
  • Fixed projectiles dormancy,
  • Fixed character replication pausing too soon,
  • Tweaked collision mesh for electric tower / poles and fixed no-collision param for foliage (poles) on Smolensk,
  • Fixed IFVs acceleration, max speed and climbing,
  • Sound positioning fixes,
  • Rocket 'penetration' fix,
  • Fix for music lowering volume randomly,
  • Fixed Moscow TDM missing loading screens,
  • Fixed bug with not sending match end event on TDM,
  • Fixed bug with not saving TDM kills and deaths in player statistics,
  • Random map rotation on TDM fixed - Warsaw will now be randomized as well,
  • Fixed PSS emblem,
  • Fixes is SCAR lowers,
  • Many visual fixes in weapon menu - socket positions, explode positions, attachment categories,
  • Fixed phantom bullets and repeated reloading after picking up weapon with different ammo type than default,
  • Fixed Seat Widget taking color from settings when it shouldn't,
  • Warsaw - Collision fixes,
  • Warsaw - Floating paper fixes,
  • Warsaw - Level streaming fixes,
  • Warsaw - Map holes fixes,
  • Warsaw - Draw distance fixes,
  • Polyarny - Decal scale fixes,
  • Polyarny - Collision / stuck point fixes,
  • Polyarny - Map hole fixes,
  • Polyarny - Streaming fixes,
  • Polyarny - Physical material fixes,


  • Increased MBTs, AFVs, and IFVs HP,
  • Decreased IFVs rear armor thickness,
  • Moved Helicopter Drone to CUAS category and updated it's stats,
  • Adjusted AJAX's suspension,
  • Tweaked summary screen time (30 seconds) and looking for new server time (30 seconds) for all game modes,


  • Network optimization - Claymore & Semtex C4,
  • Network optimization - action replicator,
  • Added armor stats for vehicles in menu and updated the previous to match the current balance,
  • Voip ducking, new warmate sound,
  • Local player voiceover effect,
  • Removed projectile distance check because it is checked inside Replication Graph itself,
  • Projectile cull distance setup for Replication Graph,
  • Barks distance tweaks,


  • Basic Training: Spotting: Spot 10 enemies,
  • Basic Training: Vehicles: Destroy 5 vehicles,
  • Basic Training: Healing: Heal 5 allies,
  • Basic Training: Ammo: Resupply 5 allies,
  • Basic Training: Drones: 5 drone kills,
  • Top Gun: Kill 10 enemies with flying drones,
  • Airwolf: Kill 10 enemies with the Heli Combat Drone,
  • Morning smell: 10 airstrike kills,
  • Every Breath You Take: Spot 10 enemies,
  • Senor Wingman!: 10 enemy kills from RCWS,
  • Got your back: Spawn on leader 25 times,
  • Float Like a Butterfly, Sting Like a Bee: Kill 25 enemies as a LIGHT soldier,
  • Regular Everyday Normal MFer: Kill 25 enemies as a MEDIUM soldier,
  • Juggernaut: Kill 25 enemies as a HEAVY soldier,
  • Whether It Storms Or Snows: 10 Tank kills,
  • Steel Hail: 10 AFV kills,
  • Support the Troops: 10 IFV kills,
  • Last Resort: 10 kills on last healthbar,
  • Tremor: Kill 5 enemies with RPG.
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