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I noticed many people facing input lag issues and stuttering so i decide to make guide to fix these issues or reduce them as much as possible. this guide should be useful for  ww3 and any other games.


1. firstly, disable HPET (High Precision Event Time):

for me this was the most effective way to make any game lighter and more responsive. you can do this by:

- first, open Device manager then go under System devices and right click on High precision event timer  and click disable this device.

- secondly, type on windows search CMD and run Command Prompt as Administrator and type:

- bcdedit /set useplatformclock false then hit enter 

- same for this command 

- bcdedit /set disabledynamictick yes then restart pc. 

- run command prompt again as admin and type bcdedit /enum to check if the changes happened, you should see these at bottom:

useplatformclock        No
disabledynamictick      Yes


2.update nividia driver or radeon driver.

- in last nividia drivers there is option under manage 3D settings called Low latency mode and set it to Ultra.

- i dont have radeon, but i believe there is setting called anti lag which is similar to nividia. 


3. ryzen users and SMT (simultaneous multi-threading).

- disable SMT in bios, it depends on game, you might gain or lose fps.. how ever the games will feel snappier.


4. disable superfetch.

- go to windows search and type services, look for service called SysMain and right click then click properties and change startup type to Disabled


5. disable full screen optimization

- navigate to C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\World War 3\WW3\Binaries\Win64

or where u installed the game files and right click WW3-Win64-Shipping.exe properties and click compatibility then tick Disable fullscreen optimizations 


6. enable high performance power plan

- go to power and sleep then on the right corner click addtional power settings and tick on high performance plan


7. disable unnecessary start up programs

- go to windows search and click startup apps and remove unneeded programs from startup 


8. disable all Xbox services and game bar recording

- Xbox services and game bar recording well known for eating resources in your pc

- click services on windows search and navigate to last services and you will find 4 Xbox services click on each one right click then properties and change start up type to disable

- next go to windows search and type game bar the set record games to off


9.empty standby memory list




10. increase paging file

if you have 16gb or less memory ram and getting crashes after while of playing. do this :

- go to window search and type this pc then right right click on it then properties then advanced system settings on the top left side of screen. after that, click on advanced >>> performance [Settings]

- then advanced again, you will see option called virtual memory then click change.

- tick system managed size then click set >>> ok then restart.



as for rest check Weedtime post, he almost mentioned everything you need.

my spec: gtx 1070ti mini, ryzen 2600, 16gb 3200hz ram and SSD 500gb 860 EVO.




it might make your pc way better or worse, test on your own risk .. however, all of these settings are revertible. i highly recommend trying them out.




my in game settings:


leave an up vote if you find this guide useful please and feel free to ask anything.

see you in the field soldier 💪


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23 hours ago, Jmdhainsworth said:

found post from your name, cheers, top player ^^

Thanks ^^ , i hope you find it useful

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