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[Weapon] AK Apha renovation.

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As much as I like AK Alpha visuals so I don't like shooting it. And in 0.7PTE it is all the same as it was earlier. AK Alpha is supposedly enhanced version of AKM(AK) with improved handling and ergonomy. Unfortunately if there is in WW3 a gun that can be called "ugly duckling" - it's AK Alpha.

Its closest analog in game is AK-15. And here on the screenshot u see two 30 rounds bursts. Just to be sure: left is AK Alpha. I was "lucky" to catch the epitome of its kicks when shooting full auto. To be fair on the right AK group is one of the best for it, but nevertheless.



U can say that overall recoil is pretty much vertical, but u see how many times bullet trace changes its path if talk about AK Alpha? That's what affects the weapon handling the most(and not some sway). AK ALpha has increadibly heavy kicks when shooting full auto. And nothing in it's customization menu stats can tell u that it would behave that way. These kicks exist even when u r onetapping in single fire mode. And then u see that even on mid distances hits will land to the left and right from the target, leaving it unscathed. On the GIF left groups belong to HK 416. 3(?) times higher horizontal spread for Alpha?


Add to this that fact that AK Alpha somehow has the lowest fire rate among all the ARs and u'll understand that currently it can be used only if u want to give enemies HUUUUGE handicap. If u lose firegiht vs AK Alpha on any distance - u must feel that u r teabagged.

Just to make it more clear. On pic below is 30 rounds full auto burst from SA80.


Yes, it has almost 1.5 times higher vertical recoil(loadouts are the same for all 3 ARs), but it has overall recoil as vertical as Ak Alpha and it's usual spread pattern is the same as as the best of AK-15. But AK Alpha has 570 RPM, AK-15 - 620 and SA-80 - 780.

I would love to run more with AK Alpha, but I'm mazochistic not enough to do it more frequently than 1 time in a month.

Des, plz, do something with AK Alpha. And by something I mean mostly these horizontal kicks. Let it even be a full copy of AK-15, but at least it would not look so pitiful.



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Alfa reminds me Flatline from Titanfall 2.  Big damage as well as huge horizontal recoil. But in Titanfall 2 Flatline has the biggest damage within all automatic weapon, and Alfa has not. So, I don't see any advantages from using it compared to AK-15. with exceptional of its weight.

Because WW3 tries to be "realistic" game, we can get Alfa advantages from real life. AK-type assault rifles have fire rate 600-650 RPM. So maybe Alfa should have the highest value of this?

So I vote YES.

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The current problem is that the Alpha is not quite light enough to justify being this shit. VEPR isn't that fantastic a gun, but its worst problem is reloads that won't matter against most enemies and it only has a weight of 10.something.  The spread statistic is from what I can gather meant to be the one that controls the random kicks. Maybe Alpha should be a bit heavier (14-15 instead of 13) and then have less kick.

Slow firing, but easy to control.



upvoted because the Alpha needs something better, regardless of what

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