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[feature] Grenades as 3rd weapon slot

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The way grenades work now is a bit wibly wonky bonky and I've seen some people complain about the way you throw them. We can't even lean to a side and then throw them, even if we could it would be way too many buttons to press at once. Most non gaming keyboards don't even allow you to press more than three keys at the same time (especially old ones in my experience).

  1. I think grenades would get a lot better if we could first hold the grenade in our hand and then throw it.
    No rush, no cooking grenade in your hand and a bit more time to aim and maybe even lean to a side before throwing it.
  2. Having the grenade in your hand before throwing it also adds the option to left or right click, which in turn should be used for throwing upper hand and underhand, respectively.
  3. Adding the left hand with the thumb sticking out as an aiming tool would be great to have as well. This would make throwing and aiming grenades a frick ton easier.
  4. Keep the "G" key as a secondary "quick throw" key for, well, throwing grenades quickly without having to put your gun down all the way.



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In old Battlefields pressing and holding button allowed u to choose the force of the grenade throwing. So u would be able to do a weak throw and grenade would land on the roof of the 1 storey building or right behind the concrete wall. If we combine it with current grenade cooking for LMB  and throwing force "cooking" for RMB it would be a nice feature for grenade nerds like me. Casuals can go with this dumbed down G-throwing.

So I'm  going to vote Yes with that remark that I would love to see RMB be accountable for throwing force. Where single press would drop the grenade and holding it would give u 2 seconds to choose the force of the throw with stripe showing it.

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9 minutes ago, NeoOrNeon said:

If it was a weapon it'd be cool to pick up or swap grenades from bodies, though this may be hard on the server.

Other games like CSGO and Sandstorm have this as well; Sandstorm is even a UE4 game, so I don't think it should be too hard to implement.

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