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[0.7.2] Soldier's position on the map disappearing when mini-drone redeployed

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DESCRIPTION OF BUG : as shown on the screenshots. My soldiers marker is gone from the main map as I RE-deploy a mini-drone. During first time deployment soldier's marker is visible. Problem happens when mini-drone is redeployed.

Other two issues observed with minidone:

1) if you keep a direction button (WSAD) and you press F what happens is a mini-drone keeps on moving with the last given direction flying away from you lol

2) if you have health 33 and below, once you deploy mini-drone and fly away from the soldier, you can still hear soldier deep-breathing sound effect.

GAME BUILD ID : 4153287

STEPS TO REPRODUCE (required): deploy a mini-drone and press M to see the map. Re-collect the drone by pressing F. Deploy it again and press M to see that the soldier's marker disappeared from the map.

SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS (required for crash or performance issues): n/a

CRASH LOG (if any): n/a



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