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[0.7.3] Spawning on MRAP both West/East sides on Berlin map causes game crash.

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Tried it few times and game crashed when I was trying to spawn on MRAP. UPD. Seems that it's RCWS seat that can cause the crash. Tried to take the MRAP RCWS seat and game crashed.



And even more, after 1 crash programm that sends reports freezed and after that I don't see vehicles icons on Berlin and Polyarny. Moscow and Smolensk don't have such problem. UPD. For Berlin it's seems to be reeaaaaalllly slow loading.


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New problem. When trying to take RCWS seat it doesn't cause the crash. But u can't move it and all controls are disabled. Only Esc+Respawn works.

On the screenshot u see that RCWS looks like it's damaged, but when u try to repair it with [4]Repair tool it looks like it's full HP. And on the repair pad u hear the repairing sounds, but RCWS HP bar stays still.


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