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PTE 0.7.5 Patch Notes

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Another batch of fixes is coming!

PTE 0.7.5 Patch Notes


  • US ARMY PANTS Visible in menu now,


  • Fix respawning on MSP,
  • Added new challenge conditions checking,
  • Fixed throwable gadgets updating to infrequently,
  • Fixed a bug with wrong loading screen in map rotation,
  • Fixed calculations of wheels colliding sum in land wheeled vehicles - wheel collision should work properly now,
  • Added missing refill station marker,
  • Berlin - collision fixes for random window frames.
  • Berlin - Fixed collision settings for part of a building,
  • Berlin / Berlin TDM - Multiple additional collision fixes,
  • Moscow - stuck point fixes,
  • Moscow TDM - fixed draw distances on low settings,
  • Polyarny - fixed collisions on Officers Club and few other buildings,
  • Smolensk - added penetration feature through military nets,
  • Warsaw - streaming volume fixes for TPP camera,


  • TPP shots attenuation tweak,
  • Added RTPC ThreatLevel that lowers volume of ally footsteps and shooting sounds,
  • Fixed no sound in menu,
  • Better attenuations,
  • Another fix for barks jumping channels,
  • Minor audio optimizations.
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