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[Weapon] Make flashbangs great aga... make them decent at least.

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Why decent? Because now they are the weakest grenades. And I'm not talking about this.

I'm talking about that fact that CONCUSSION grenades don't give concussion at all! I was watching some gameplay videos of CoD:MW aand there were few concussion grenades throwed. And they worked just fine. Bam! and beeping in ears that is blocking all other sounds. That means u r concussed. 

And to my surprise I didn't remember any beeping when I was flashbanging myself collecting data for the linked theme. There  is Flash! and Bam! but 2 secs later everything is good. And u know what is fun thing? Explosive grenades like Frag and Semtex DO HAVE CONCUSSION EFFECT! If they explode close enough to give u dmg but didn't kill u - u hear that beeping noise in ears.

Why I'm asking about increasing concussion effect of flashbangs? In 0.7 devs increased sound volume of the footsteps. Now u hear enemies MUCH MORE clear. So, until enemy is under art strike barrage it's almost impossible to close the distance unnoticed, because in WW3 soldiers can't move noiselessly. And they almost always would be greeted with pre-fire.

And only chance to do a surprise attack is to make enemies if not blind but at least deaf. Now frag grenades do this work much better than flashbangs.

Plz, devs, make that flashbangs would apply "concussion" for at least 4-5 secs and not for 2 like that do it now.

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