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PTE 0.7.7 Patch Notes

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Another one! Packed with fixes and improvements, let's test it thouroughly!

PTE 0.7.7 Patch Notes


  • Fixed markers being stuck to people's feet,
  • Fixed orders not showing up on the markers,
  • Fix for invisible gadget packs,
  • Fixed mobile spawn widget crash
  • Disabled bandwith limit for invisible packs,
  • Improved counting players and checking size for dedicated server lobby - possible map rotation fix,
  • Fixed circles on the map after a strike,
  • Fixed server crash from destroy pack manager,
  • Fixed base character material to use cloth,
  • Fixed pad on US Army uniform,
  • Possible fix for squad widget crashing the game,
  • Fix for vehicle destruction crash,
  • Fixed no Armor info on KillScreen,
  • Fixed challenges: Last Resort, Senor Wingman, MacGyver
  • Fixed claymore spawn on client issue,
  • Fixed skinning on US ARMY CHEST,


  • Reduced vehicles bounciness and friction when colliding with environement,
  • Increased rocket prices for Heli Drone,
  • Deploy screen improvements.


  • Fix for music cutoffs,
  • Fix for stacking breath sound,
  • More sound occlusion,
  • Friendly gunshots will sound softer now,
  • Many small audio fixes.
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