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PTE 0.7.9 Patch Notes

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Here's another patch for the PTE 0.7, in this one we have focused on fixing the issue with the markers - please let us know if you spot anything wrong with markers. We've implemented some fixes to the challenge system, it still needs some testing with counting the mission objectives. Good news is that we are closer to the release of the 0.7. Thank you for your engagement in testing!

PTE 0.7.9 Patch Notes


  • Different damage over distance for different barrel types


  • Fixed invisible markers issue,
  • Suppress fire challenges fix,
  • Use challenges fix,
  • Fixed displaying challenges in menu,
  • Fixed differences in rate of fire of mashineguns in turrets,
  • Fixed vehicle strike drops,
  • Other replication fixes,
  • Some crash fixes,


  • Reduced mark radius,
  • Tweaks for Commando driving capabilities.
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