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Update 0.7 Patch Notes

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It's finally here! 0.7 took a while, because we had a lot of internal work on the networking and many changes to the rendering and lighting. We're over those hurdles, and now we can resume the normal operation of patching more frequently and with more content.

0.7 had 11 patches on the PTE and thanks to our community support we were able to test it thoroughly during the last few weeks. Special thanks to those that organized playing together and reported bugs to us via the forum and Discord - we really appreciate your work and we know how much time it takes to test properly!

While this is certainly more of a tech update than content update, there's still some new stuff to play with.

Let's go over the changes we've implemented quickly, and there are a few of those.

First of all, we've switched over our Unreal Engine version from 4.19 to 4.21 to take advantage of the Replication Graph. You can read more about it here. In short, it should let us put more people on each server, lower the latencies and make the netcode even more robust. We've also got a more physically accurate lighting now, which makes the workflow better and faster.

We've redone the VOIP implementation. Now you can use the tilde ( ~ ) key for push to talk and bask in the glory of our new VOIP system. There's a cool radio-like effect on it and it really makes you want to roleplay a soldier. Remember! You still have to set it up in Steam, though most options are available from inside the game. You also turn it off completely, naturally.

There's also a Challenge System in place now, with daily challenges to complete, for which you'll be earning cash and XP. This is the beginning of a bigger system, read more about it here.


New Vehicle HUDs - We've changed the vehicle HUDs for completely new ones - this is the beginning of the complete UI overhaul, with both Customization and in-game HUDs getting a new look to make them more usable and just look better.


We've also got a new Death Screen. More information for you to know what killed you and from where:


There's a lot more smaller improvements, some of which were greatly anticipated and some of which you didn't even know you wanted. And finally, the Helicopter Drone is no longer the most OP thing in the game!

Update 0.7 Patch Notes


  • If you see parts of the level streaming in too slowly, this is the CPU not handling GPU Buffering + level streaming. Disable GPU Buffering to fix this (it will lower your FPS, though!),


  • Daily Challenges added,
  • New VOIP system [Default: hold “~” (tilde - next to 1)],
  • New Unreal Engine version - 4.21,
  • Replication Graph implemented,
  • New lighting on all maps,
  • New Death Screen,
  • New Vehicle HUDs - still Work in Progress,
  • Sight profile preview in the menu - you don't have to play inside a match to see how it looks,


  • Added VAB - a Mobile Spawn Point variant, so it’s different for each team,
  • Added an US ARMY uniform,
  • Added a few new Community arm patches (hidden by default),
  • Added moderator patches,


  • Changed reload hold time to change ammo type to 0.4s down from 1.0s,
  • Changed flashbang time to 7s to make them more useful,
  • ZUNI, FZ233, Hydra rockets - increased ammo capacity by one magazine, decreased blast radius and damage, increased BP price,
  • Reduced bounciness and friction when colliding with the environment and other objects for all vehicles,
  • Fixed acceleration, max speed and climbing for all vehicles,
  • Increased/adjusted HP and front, and side armor thickness (more info in updated menu stats),
  • Adjusted the blast radius curves damage on the edges for explosive ammunition,
  • Fixed 30 and 35mm AP issues,
  • Ajax - fixed suspension behaviour,
  • Attachment prices have been adjusted to better fit the progression system,
  • Added a new parameters to attachments: horizontal and vertical recoil (previously those were combined),
  • Attachment modifiers have been reworked to better reflect differences between individual attachments,
  • Weight difference between barrels of different lengths has been increased,
  • Weight difference between magazines of different capacity has been increased,
  • Added per barrel curves intended to alter the damage/distance relation,
  • Added different damage over distance for different barrel types,
  • Reduced mark radius - it should help with accidentally marking things you don't want to,
  • Moved resupply packs to between capture points,
  • Added map marker to refill stations,


  • Added map rotation to the ending of the game,
  • Added distance and dot product relevance to character replication rate - should reduce tick rates of characters that are far away and closer to the edges of the screen,
  • Vastly improved vehicle hit registration by implementing a server-side history,
  • Added synchronization status on loading screen for debug purposes,
  • Added Vehicle Kill Assist (community suggestion),
  • Blocked barrels without front post on M4 ironsight,
  • New Equipment meshes for UGVs,
  • Clipping while prone vastly reduced (needs further testing),
  • Added smoke for damaged vehicles, now every vehicle except Mini UGV and Mini Drone will smoke when HP is critical,
  • Changed low shadow settings to remove glowing characters and vehicles in dark areas and improve their quality,
  • Network optimization - Claymore & Semtex C4,
  • Network optimization - action replicator,
  • Removed projectile distance check because it is checked inside Replication Graph itself,
  • Projectile cull distance setup for Replication Graph,
  • A lot of other adjustments and improvements,


  • Fixed hit direction being broken on damage indicator,
  • Added location debug info on screen for better bug reporting (community suggestion),
  • Per attachment camos and color schemes now have icons,
  • Changed FPS counter to ON/OFF from Toggle (it will also persist between play sessions),
  • Lower and muzzle attachments descriptions added,
  • Added players in lobby info to summary screen,
  • Added armor stats for vehicles in menu and updated the previous to match the current balance,
  • Added counting vehicle shots fired and hit to statistics,
  • Deployment screen improvements,


  • Voip ducking, new warmate sound,
  • Local player voiceover effect,
  • Friendly gunshots will sound softer now,
  • Added more occlusion to sounds,
  • Many small audio fixes,
  • Soldier bark distance tweaks,
  • Other minor improvements,


  • Fixed jump-skipping reloads,
  • Fixed shooting between rounds on TDM,
  • Fixed rebinding of the X button,
  • Fixed not displaying statistics during first launch,
  • Fixed a lot of exploit points on multiple maps,
  • Many visual fixes in weapon menu - socket positions, explode positions, attachment categories,
  • Fixed default ammo for all turrets - there should not be a situation where tank has only 1 shell,
  • Fixed direction prioritization when exiting a vehicle,
  • Fixed collision for RPGs on Berlin TDM,
  • Fixed geting stuck with tablet or repair gadget (or both) on top of normal weapon after respawn,
  • Tweaked collision mesh for electric tower / poles and fixed no-collision param for foliage (poles) on Smolensk,
  • Commando - Fixed driving issues,
  • Commando -  Fixed turret gibs,
  • Warsaw - Floating paper fixes,
  • Warsaw - Level streaming fixes,
  • Warsaw - Map holes fixes,
  • Warsaw - Draw distance fixes,
  • Warsaw - streaming volume fixes for TPP camera,
  • Polyarny - Decal scale fixes,
  • Polyarny - Collision / stuck point fixes,
  • Polyarny - Map hole fixes,
  • Polyarny - Streaming fixes,
  • Polyarny - Physical material fixes,
  • Polyarny - fixed collisions on Officers Club and few other buildings,
  • Moscow - stuck point fixes,
  • Moscow TDM - fixed draw distances on low settings,
  • Smolensk - added penetration feature through military nets,
  • Hundreds of other bugfixes.

Also, if you wonder why it take so long to update the game:


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