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PTE 0.7.11 Patch Notes

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The last patch one before 0.7 is here. We'll be pushing the 0.7 to Live tomorrow or at the latest Friday if we find any game breaking bugs, but this is it! We've got a few more minor fixes going into the 0.7 Live version, especially for audio, but this is very close to what you can expect on the Live servers later this week.

PTE 0.7.11 Patch Notes


  • Changed IFV Viewfinder size,
  • Removed RCWS icon from vehicle preview widget in case there is no RCWS,
  • Changed GPU Buffering to disabled by default on Best Performance so slower CPUs can catch up with level streaming,


  • Fixed missing markers and players missing from the scoreboard,
  • Fixed strike spawn when player lies down -> before player could fall through the world on local game,
  • Fixed incorrect RCWS health value,
  • Fixed wrong player pose when player uses a remote controlled drone,
  • Fixed camera rotation after drone use.
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