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Buglist - Weapons, Customizer, Vehicles

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  • MG5 reload animation is bugged when switching to AP rounds
  • M417 AP ammo cannot be used in game
  • SCAR-H way too shakey?


  • M417 pistol grip not saved, always reverts to default
  • having to double click in order to see the correct stats all the time
  • Skins sometimes "swap" over for "default skinned" body parts when switching loadouts (probably the same reason why stats are not processed at the first click)
  • attachments other than barrels never change the calculations (or are maybe even wrong - adding weight when it should remove weight?)
  • inconsistent descriptions
  • US Army uniform camo cannot be changed (same for pants and that one helmet) - not sure if that's intended or not


  • ocassionally, wheels still fuck up after the vehicle was stuck
  • no engine sound in that new APC - not sure what caused it, could be a fluke



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