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Game freezes on loading

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It seems that a few people have problems with loading the game, so here's an explanation and what we'll do with it:

Game can take up to 10 minutes to load for the first time. This is related to two things:

  • We're loading all of the customization at first. This is not intended and we will be changing that (explanation below),
  • The engine is compiling shaders specifically for the machine it's running on. This is a one-time thing and should be faster after the first time.

The solution is actually in the works and it was tested by us and is speeding up the loading by up to 95%, but it could potentially break a lot of stuff, so we decided to keep testing without this fix and let you play more. If we decided to implement it now, we'd have to skip at least one of the testing phases. This decision was backed by our tests, that showed about 20-30s load times on an SSD and up to 2 minutes on an HDD. Turns out on some configurations it takes a lot longer.

Tl;dr: it just loads, give it time, and we know how to fix it, will be fixed after EA launches!

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