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Problems with all chassis armors on Leo and T-72 tanks.

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Previously I've made themes about default Leo chassis armor blocking all incoming damage and RPG nets on T-72 not blocking dmg from incoming projectiles.

Lest few days was testing chassis armors on both Leo and T-72. Abrams was ignored as he has much less unlockable parts. To sum it up:

1) RPG nets do not work on both Leo and T-72 chassis armors. There is little chance that they would block incoming dmg, but the chance of happening is almost unpredictable and too low.

2) Default armor on both Leo and T-72 blocks all incoming dmg while being destroyed.

3)Unlockable chassis armor on both Leo and T-72 doesn't block incoming dmg while being destroyed.


And here we see difference in how armor is build on both Leo and T-72:

On Leo unlockable chassis armor REPLACES the default chassis armor. So, supposedly superior unlockable chassis armor doesn't defend the Leo tank at all. With mb 1 exception of Leo 2A7 armor defending the rear side.

On T-72 all unlockable chassis armor is not replacing default armor, but is placed OVER the default chassis armor. An here we see funny thing.

We have extra chassis armor that doesn't provide any protection against incoming projectiles and the dmg is dealt FULLY. But! Projectiles destroy the external not working armor and default armor is now exposed. And this default armor blocks all incoming dmg. 🤪 How to force enemy to shoot the same spot again is the another question.😋

Urban area armor with rpg nets. 2 last shots deal no dmg. Last one was tandem grenade.


BMPT chassis armor.



And there is 1 more little bug. B1 Kontakt chassis armor doesn't fall off/disappear after being destroyed. With other unlockable armors no such a problem exists.




As of now default armor is best choice for both Leo and T-72.


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Awesome work, this seems like a couple of bugs bundled together, we'll take a look at this, thanks for taking your time with this!

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