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[Feature] Add functionality to commo-rose/expand call-in mechanic.

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Extrapolating the thought from this post.

Long long ago when Battlefield looked like Battlefield there was no "magic" Q button in it. Instead there were two command roses. Default - Commo-rose(Q button), that was used mostly for communication and Tac-rose(T button) that was used for calling supplies/asking for airstrike/UAV etc. Squadmembers usuing Tac-rose were able to ask their SL, SL was able to ask Commander or designate target to attack/defend. Commander would see on his Tac screen requests and then he can accept/deny them.

There was 1 rly good feature about Commo- and Tac-roses. They were working in 3D realtime. For example u see enemy tank - u catch it in ur crosshair, press T and press LMB and all ur squad hear ur order to destroy that tank.

 WW3 has 1 similar mechanic. It's the mark mechanic. U can place the mark anywhere u want by pressing and holding a little (by default) [X] button, And u'll see the square "attached" to any surface u were aiming at. If ur crosshair is still on that square and u press spot button 1 more time - u'll see the Tac-rose Menu with few commands/requests. U can do it anytime anywhere and driving anything, including Quadrocopters and MiniDrones.



And here is my suggestion. Why don't add a real Tac-rose to the game. Where u would place the square, press, for example T button and then u would see the radial Menu(like on the pic above) with 4 strikes that u've chosen for the kit u r now playing. U can place mark, choose for example artillery strike, press LMB and u'll see the artillery barrage with perfect placement. Currently, u see that there for exapmple is MRAP hidden behind the building. U can't spot it. But u can place mark on/near it. But mark is there only for a couple of seconds and u need to rly fast open strike map, find that square and place the strike. Sometimes u need to do it not even once or twice. With Tac-rose u'll be able to place the perfectly aimed strike.



Or u can place mark right under ur feet and call in tank. And it would land right were u want without any... accidents.😒

-6075 BPs BTW.



 Or when u r using Mini Drone. U could use it for early reconnaissance and when u would see that there is group of enemies that can be target for strike u could call it in here and now. Or u see moving tank and u can place artillery strike right on its path. It would increase usability of MiniDrone very much.

Now, without UAV above the CP/territory chances to waste artillery/bomb strike are close to 1. U can try to rely on ur teammates spot, but practice shows that it is not the wisest idea.

And I'm rly confused should it replace current "tablet mechanic" or can it simply increase the ways of calling in the strikes.

Vote plz or post here objections. IMO it would improve gameplay strike-wise a lot.


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I think having two different ways is cool and helps accommodate more people. It's the same with the squad leads ability to use the radial or the floating cp markers for giving orders

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Sounds like a good idea, we do have plans to expand the communication options between players, like requesting airstrikes and armored support, so this could be one of the ways.

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