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PTE 0.8 Patch Notes

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Here we go again! After the 0.7 technical update, we can now start sharing content we've been working on during the technical work on the engine. Easily the biggest one is the new Breakthrough game mode, about which you can read more here. It's a very dynamic, quick-paced mode, with no time to stand around. Your split second decisions matter and one soldier can win the game with a good plant or last second defuse. It's available on all Warzone maps, some of them in the Large variant - so you'll be fighting in places that are normally not available in Warzone - like the school and train station on Warsaw or shopping mall on Moscow.

Important: Breakthrough is going to have the Retreat mechanic expanded in the coming weeks to make it something unique and cool.

Supporting this game mode is the new infantry HUD. It's not finished yet, the Strike Bar, Chat, Kill Feed and Score Feed are going to be refreshed as well, but it works a lot better and has a couple new features, like markers on the compass and animated icons with progress bars for gadgets.

The respawns are also a lot better finally, but bear in mind that there's a few things coming to the respawning system during the time in PTE that will make this a lot better (like marking people that you can't spawn on and possibly people under fire being marked as dangerous spawns).

Let's all test the new game mode, especially when it comes to spawn placement, station placement, possible exploits and overall balance for attackers and defenders.


  • There's no warmup on PTE (so testing is easier) - this means that Breakthrough match balance will be skewed,
  • If clicking Deploy on another player doesn't do anything, keep trying - this means that the game didn't find a suitable spawn for around them. If this happens on a point, report!

PTE 0.8 Patch Notes


  • New game mode: Breakthrough,
  • New Infantry HUD (WIP),
  • Napalm Strike is in,


  • Fixed spawning in a wrong place when there's no space to spawn around selected player,
  • Fixed being able to look inside a building with Mini Done gadget,
  • Fixed lasers staying while throwing grenades,
  • Other bugfixes.
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