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Update 0.7.2 Patch Notes

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Hello, Soldiers! We're currently working on 0.8 patch on the PTE, with our newest Breakthrough game mode, but there are some things that the current live version could benefit from, namely fixing the problems with replication of players (resulting in missing markers or having wrong marker color) and, of course, performance. We have a few fixes coming your way, so let's dig in.

Update 0.7.2 Patch Notes


  • Added TeamManager debug printing on server and client side to find more problems,


  • Multiple fixes for team replication (missing markers, wrong team colors),
  • Changed how actors replicate to reduce server crashing,
  • Fixed a server crash related to debugging data,
  • Fixes for audio occlusion and spatialization,
  • Fixed destructible objects not having particles at the start of the match,


  • Fixed OnVideoBasicSettingsChanged() hitches on the render thread,
  • Fixed hitches on the render thread when updating material scalar parameters,
  • Fixes for reloading assets that were already loaded (reduced hitching),
  • Disabled ticks on multiple actors,
  • Disabled DoF calculations for remote vehicles.
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