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Hackthrough Breakthrough's submode and variable rewards for completing the tasks.

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This suggestion is based on the assumption that in upcoming Breakthrough mode not only the player who has placed the charges would get the points but his teammates would receive BPs too.

Idea is to add new objectives.

Servers with encrypted data

with added to default "destruction" another -"hacking" mechanic.

Attackers have to:

a) destroy the server with data and receive for doing this some amount of points.

b) Hack up the server that would start transmitting the encrypted data. Only if process is finished fully it can be counted as success. For successful transmitting attackers receive x2 BPs.

Defending side needs to:

a) protect the Data Server for a required time duration. 

b1) "defuse" the Data server.

b2) destroy the Data Server.

For successful defending and defusing defenders receive BPs.

For destroying their own Data Server defenders would have BP loss penalty(a little), and in the same time attackers would get nothing.  For destroying the Data Server in last 10-15 secs of transmitting defenders receive small BP bonus.


1. Defenders can attack their own Data Server only if it is hacked.

2. Unlike the classic Breakthrough target countdown for data transmitting and HP count are separate. If, for example, attackers before planting the "charge" leave data server with 15% HP they now need to defend it with 15%HP.

3. Transmitting requires 2 mins(TBD). After "defusing" transmitting progress isn't nullified, it is only stopped.

If Breakthrough would have various objectives there can be 1 Data Server Station or there can be 3 Data Servers on the map. For completing transmitting on all the Data Servers attackers receive extra reward.

Objectives for Hackthrough have no need to be Data Servers only. There is one group of objects on WW3 maps that currently has only decorating purposes. I want it to finally play some role on the battlefield. I'm talking about Anti-Air defense complex that is staying for example on A2 Berlin. It can be moved to B2 point of Berlin map and used as the objective. Attackers need to hack and reprogram it. Or destroy. Defenders need to stop them. 

Almost the same Hackthrough objective but feels rly different from Data Server and especially in comparison with usual Breakthrough objectives. Well, A-A system can be objective for normal Breakthrough too. And both Hackthrough and Breakthrough can co-exist on one map adding the diversity and immersion to gameplay.

If we go full hardcore we can do a linked objectives. For example on A there is Data Server and on B there is A-A defence system. If attackers have successfully hacked the Data Server they need less time to reprogram the A-A system(using the hacked data,duh!).

This is my suggestion that(I hope) wouldn't need that much work to implement and can enrich Breakthrough's gameplay.  

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