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[Feature] Red dots should be inside the sight instead of on the HUD

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I think this also will remove some of the bugs like the red dot staying on screen after death (Still not fixed, even though patch notes said so)

It will allow for the dot to move inside the sight when walking as well.



edit: also it might be just me but the ads looks like it's a 2D picture on the screen instead of a 3D weapon, the weapon doesn't swap in any direction which might be the cause

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3 hours ago, †FeuerEuphorie† said:

I double this. When I tried  to disable that "freaking annoying gray dot", red dot in collimator sight dissapeared too.

Damn that sucks lol 

It really take away from the immersion, just like the fact guns shoot from the middle of your head. But hey, no way they are willing to change that now (even though we complained since fking 0.4). 

Even MW 2019 has you shooting from the middle of your head I noticed. But since you can't peek sideways and objects are either above or under your waist in that game it doesn't matter.

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