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What's the point in having Gepard or whatever turret on Leo base?

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Was going to ask when I've tried it for the first time but was too lazy. But now as it's surely going to be added, I'll do it:

I've read somewhere that when in 60s in USSR was created renowned ZSU-23-4 A-A system it's first versions weren't able to lower barrels so that they would be able to shoot horizontally. Here we see the same problem.  On the screenshot u see the angle lower than that u can't move ur barrel. So, what is the point in adding this turret? Vs helidrone? Or we would be able to attack bombers that are going to drop bombstrikes?

Otherwise I can't see any point in having this turret in game. What am I missing?



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Shooting down bombers would be mad.

Also, there is going to be a mini heli drone that will probably come some time soon, so it will also be a counter to that.

I do have to agree that right now it is kinda useless, unless it can hit bombers or shoot horizontally.

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