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Improvements for Breakthrough (as of 0.8.1)

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Just a few suggestions for breakthrough improvements. No game play changes, just HUD changes that would make it clearer to the layman what is going on in the match.


1. When the timer is running out for a radio station, it currently doesn't display it as damage on the station's icon in the same way it does for direct damage (makes icon red). This is sort of confusing. The icon should fill with red in the same way so that players can check the status of the point without having to look at the top corner, which should only be necessary to check the exact damage/time.


2. When the retreat has activated, it doesn't show the defender where the zone starts. Perhaps a mini map should come up showing the new map boundary, but I'm not so sure. Regardless, the way it is now could be confusing for noobs, and any more obvious addition wouldn't hurt the game for more serious players.


3. Instead of the current system, the icons in the top left should be changed. Rather than having a white health bar, the whole icon should change colour like that of the icons on the map. Although people looking at this part of the HUD are more likely to spend time reading it, for a game like this the objective should be to make it take as little time as possible to get the information you want, and colour coding improves that.


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