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PTE 0.8.2 Patch Notes

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Small one, just some improvements to Breakthrough. We're still tracking down the lags that happen sometimes on Breakthrough and we're improving the HUD, stay tuned!

PTE 0.8.2 Patch Notes


  • Invisible packs are back, we're aware of them and are working on this bug,
  • From time to time the server is starting to lag for a while, we need more info on this one,
  • After spawning on a Mobile Spawn Point you can get a low HP effect,


  • Changed camera position and rotation on leopard 2 to make it work better with the new Gepard turret,
  • Breakthrough: defenders can no longer go back to retreat zone after leaving,
  • Breakthrough: Zone placement improvements,
  • Breakthrough: minor spawn fixes,
  • Breakthrough: Reversed C and D points on Smolensk,


  • Breakthrough: Fixed a bug that sometimes prevented retreat from ending early when all defenders left the zone,
  • Breakthrough: Fixed wrong Leopard version in the base on Polyarny,
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