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[Feature] [Weapon] Add programmable primer to SH rounds.

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What I'm suggesting is nothing extraordinary and one way or another was tested by almost everyone. For example, watch the video below.



The idea is to add programmator that would allow SH rounds to explode on the designated distance. I'm asking about it because now there are situations, when vehicles simply can't attack some CPs because their weapon can't deal dmg to defending infantrymen. Look at the pics below.



This situation is appearing on all the maps, but here on Berlin B1 it can be displayed most easily. It's happens for both East and West vehicles. The have almost no chances to attack and capture the B1 if they are alone or their infantry is idling/camping. It is the flat map and vehicle have close to zero chances to land the shot right behind the cover, so the explosion splash would deal dmg to infantry behind that cover. It's especially clear with shell craters. Even if u did hit the far side of the crater, infantry on the near side right behind the edge take almost no dmg. And in the same time they non-stop shoot at u with RPGs.

With programmable primer of SH rounds driver would be able to:

1. Measure the distance and with pressing some button lock it.

2. Using for example mouse scroll add or reduce the locked distance so the shell could explode behind/ahead of the target.

3. Attack the enemies that are behind the covers.

4. Pressing the same button as in p.2 would unlock the primmer programmator so the SH shells now would be again exploding on the impact.


IMO, this feature would add the depth to vehicle customization mechanics, shooting mechanics and also increase the anti-infantry efficiency that now, again IMO, with indestructible environment is often rly lacking. And it's pretty much modern era technologies so it would not be inappropriate if it would be implemented for all SH round from 30 to 120 mm.

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I'm afraid from this ammo if they introduce it should be least have ranges only uround the impregnable points to recover losing team ( or the fragile balance will die as heli drone did ) .

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