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Update 0.8 Patch Notes

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Here it is! The long awaited community game mode is here. Breakthrough is a dynamic and intense experience that will require quick thinking and steady aim. Teams are split into two roles: attackers and defenders. The goal of the attackers is to destroy enemy Radio Stations by means of explosive charges (plat them by holding F), C4, grenades, strikes or big caliber rounds to advance the match forward. The goal of the defenders is to stop the opposing team from reaching and destroying the Stations.

Match ends when all of the stations are destroyed and attackers win, or when the timer elapses and hits 0 - that's the defenders win condition. Timer starts at 15 minutes and each pair of stations that are destroyed will increase it to 5 minutes. Match can take anything from 15-25 minutes, so stay frosty.

Important: we've temporarily removed Anders from the game. This is intentional as it was the main reason for crashing and instability. As soon as we've fixed the issue, it will be back, so don't worry!

This patch also introduces a few optimizations, mostly in the frame pacing and stuttering areas. As always, keep us updated on your thoughts and send us your feedback - we're reading it all!

Update 0.8 Patch Notes


  • There are some problems with displaying customization in TDM, we're working on a fix. You will see default customization, but have the proper one in-game.


  • New game mode: Breakthrough,
  • New Infantry HUD,
  • New Strike: Napalm,
  • Adding Leopard2 Gepard anti-air vehicle to base spawns on Warzone,


  • Disabled not being allowed to join when the match is ending,
  • Collimator glass is less dark now,
  • HUD: new in-game chat window,
  • HUD: new strike bar,
  • HUD: hiding armor status icons if armor is not present,
  • HUD: added current soldier weight class,
  • HUD: changed inventory status widget,
  • HUD: added laser/flashlight status icon,
  • HUD: improved kill feed,
  • HUD: added headshot indicator to kill feed,
  • HUD: destroyed vehicles will now show up on the kill feed,
  • HUD: changed icon resolution to sharpen them up,
  • HUD: added plant, defuse and destroy icon notification to the Breakhtrough HUD,
  • Many other, small improvements,


  • Reduced crashing on both client and server side,
  • Fixed invisible packs,
  • Fixed spawning in a wrong place when there's no space to spawn around selected player,
  • Fixed being able to look inside a building with Mini Done gadget,
  • Fixed lasers staying while throwing grenades,
  • Audio attenuation and occlusion fixes,
  • Claymore spawning fix,
  • Fixed destroyable objects not having particles at the start of the round,
  • Fixed some minor issues with mudflaps and other addons,
  • Fixed RPG Nets issues of Leopard 2A6 Body Armor,
  • Fixed wrong gib mesh in Commando turret,
  • Other bugfixes,


  • Fixed some stutters on the render thread,
  • Fixed stutters on the render thread when updating material scalar parameters,
  • Fixes for reloading assets that were already loaded (reduced stuttering),
  • Disabled per frame calculation on multiple objects,
  • Deleted empty skins to reduce stutters,
  • Disabled DoF calculations for vehicles that are far away.
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