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Update 0.8.1 Patch Notes

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A small one before the weekend, just so it's a bit more fun to play. Keep letting us know about issues, we're working on the infinite loading (there's two new ones of those - we've got some leads to fix it definitive) and we have some intermittent lagging issues we can't track without more testing.

Happy thanksgiving to those in North America and happy weekend to everyone else!

Update 0.8.1 Patch Notes


  • Warmup widget should now be visible again while warmup is in progress,
  • Potential crash fix in character spawning,
  • Fixed not being able to enter vehicles sometimes,
  • Proper fix for planting through walls,
  • Reward for team switch not applying,
  • Fixed bad configs on TDM - no more lags from weight mismatch,
  • Fixed map rotation constantly choosing Berlin,
  • Fixed HUD replacing deploy screen when player spawned for first time,
  • Blocked bomb planting when retreat is in progress,
  • Damage Type Modifiers for BRE station: nerfed bullet and strikes damage,
  • Fixed destroyed point marker opacity on Breakthrough (won't look like selected spawn anymore),


  • Shadow Quality setup - should improve shadow performance.
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