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PTE 0.8.5 Patch Notes

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Another small one before the weekend, some fixes to bugs we found in Breakthrough, we're still figuring out the invisible packs (we know how this happens, working on a solution), but other than that it seems solid, lest us know how it works!

PTE 0.8.5 Patch Notes


  • Throwable packs are still missing sometimes,
  • If you press ESC while on a map, it will cover the ESC menu,


  • Possible bugfix for invisble players,
  • Fixed laser not turning off properly,
  • Fixed pausing Reliable methods when replication is paused,
  • Disabled the ability to fire when interacting with objects using [Default: F],
  • Breakthrough: Fixed a bug with not ending retreat when retreat time ends,
  • Breakthrough: Fixed C2 spawn trap,


  • Reduced explosion camera shake for tank shells,
  • Breakthrough: Match timer will now pause during retreat,
  • Fixed other player stutters when coming into player view,
  • Gepard radars are no longer destructible,
  • Gepard Shells + spread improvement,
  • Decreased spread for Gepard,
  • Improved vehicle LMG tracer visuals.
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